[News] Mini Dollfie Dream Arle Re-release

Dollfie Dream Arle V2

New Dollfie Dream re-release

During last weekends “Puyo Quest Official Live Stream” was a special announcement! The popular Mini Dollfie Dream Arle will be re-release as a V2 Version.

She will be release during the Doll Party 42 on 14th December (saturday). She was chosen due to many votes in the “Dollfie 20th Anniversary Best Selection”.

V2 with new features

Mini Dollfie Dream Arle V2 will come with the new DD-f³ Body System. So she will pose even better than before. And estimated including cute iconic blue outfit!

In addition to that she will come with three Puyo Puyo plushies (red, purple and green in the picture). I guess the yellow fellow is also included but we don’t know for sure now. Also unknown if she is only available in a lottery or not. (My first guess would be yes though :( )

The pictures states 62.000 Yen which is approximately 571$ excluding shipping and custom.

More Information will be known in the Volks News Vol.86. – I will keep you updated! :)
Volks Official Tweet

Are you happy that MDD Arle will be re-released?
Pretty sure there are different sides to that. Especially because some people might have gotter her second-hand for a more expensive price. Write me what you think about it!

Dollfie Dream Sister Ranko Kanzaki

Ranko Kanzaki from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls is also getting a Re-release. More information are also not know and will be updated in the new Volks News.

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[unboxing] Rina Ogata Dollfie Dream

So I did recently fulfill one of my little Dollfie Dream wishes and got one of my grail dolls. As mentioned in my post for Saber – Rina Ogata is for a long time one of those grail Dollfie Dream! I had my eyes on her for quite some years …

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Why are Dollfie Dream expensive?

I honestly think there are some people around wondering why Dollfie Dream dolls are expensive? Well I don’t work within Volks or know much about their inner structure. I want to share some thoughts on this topic although!

[News] Dollfie Dream Shielder & Master – Fate Grand Order

Dollfie Dream Shielder & Master from Fate Grand Order

New Dollfie Dream Release

Mash Kyrielight and the female protagonist of Fate Grand Order will be released as Dollfie Dream! Both will also get one special Outfit which you can order seperately too.

They will be available as Pre-Orders. So no lottery is required! :) The Pre-orders will start on the 12th October and end on the 8th December 2019.

Schedule & more information

These two new ladies will join the Dollfie Dream collaboration dolls from Volks. The female master from Fate Grand order and the adorable Mash Kyrielight (Shielder).

All the pre-orderes will be fulfilled. So you won’t need to participate in a lottery first! Volks is planning to send out the pre-ordered dolls in Fall 2020.

If you are new to Dollfie Dream and want to pre-order one, you can check out Volks tutorial site for more information.

For now I think both are quite cute but I am not planning to get one. It would be great to see som emore pictures of them anyways – I am especially curious about Shielder and what parts will come with her! I am very interested in their extra outfits though and want to see more!

How about you, do you want to get the new Dollfie Dream Shielder or the female Master?

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment. :)

Here are the official Websites from Volks:
DD Shielder
DD Master

[unboxing] – Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka V.2

Oh my she is now quite a while with me to be honest – it has to be like 3 months already! :) But I am still happy she is with me and now I proudly present you my latest doll from my crew: Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka!

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How to change Dollfie Dream eyes

Today’s tutorial is about how to change Dollfie Dream eyes. Sometimes you want to give your doll a new look and I want to help you with this first step. Removing eyes can be tricky, especially from older Dollfie Dream models.

Ophelia – merchant of the hearts


Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa

Today I have some news about Ophelia, my Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa. After the last exhausting weeks I had finally some energy and time to take care of her. As she was „left alone“ for a while after her arrival. In the end her wig, eyes and outfit were missing anyways. But here we are now!

The new look

I knew right away that I would not keep her original character. And due the „spontaneous“ arrival I did not have any wigs around which I really liked on her. So I had to take a look around and „go shopping“.

This sailor dress from Luts BJD is fantastic and has adorable little details. Even though it is a bit loose on the waist. But thanks to a clothespin I was able to make it better for photos.


Her character (my OC) is actually not finished. But I have this idea of her as a traveling merchant. Cheerful, sweet & charming but also persistent. Let’s see were the journey will take us from here. I often find out more about my characters when drawing them. So I have to draw some profile picture of her someday too, and create her doll profile site with more finalized informations about my characters. Sometimes the characters “do what they want”.

That is planned

There are still some things on my to do list. And Ophelia has already a brand new look! Next to new awaiting characters, changes and „old faces“ waiting for some new clothing. As my DD Rin makes some great improvements about my ideas about her! Or some new face-up works I did lately. Oh you bet the long weekend was super good for me! :)

Thanks for coming by and have a great & creative weekend!

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