Cute:COM – unique everyday

Cute:COM is my secondary label and full of cute girls and boys in many different appearances. The name is a combination of “cute” and “common”. So they are non-fantasy, Si-Fi etc. – you get the idea! Even though it might seem like it at first, but I put as much effort in these lovable characters an in my other labels!

The fact that they are often more “down to the ground” does not mean their design has to be always “simple”. But in fact the prices may vary on how much accessories, parts and more will come with the dolls (it does not matter in which label). This means Cute:COM can be a nice start for everyone who wants to join the hobby with their first doll! Which does not mean you cannot get some fantasy parts and so on for them!

You want to know more?

If you are interested in one of these adorable dolls, please follow me on my Instagram @dollmoons to be up to date and don’t miss any new announcement or contact me.

Please keep in mind that I am working full time on my job and it might take a while for me to response. For now, I don’t plan on selling commission slots, but If I will – I definitely will give an announcement.

More information about shipping cost will follow later. If you are new to the hobby make sure to check out my Dollfie Dream basics sites to get all the important info’s you should know about Dollfie Dream.

Customs so far

Dollfie Dream DDH09 – Serena No.02 Cute:COM