Lovish. – beloved demons & beasts

Lovish. are my beloved little demons.They come in many different forms, colors and characters – a sexy demon babe, a cute beast and more!Anthros and heavier moddings but also simplistic designs are possible to my charming ladies (and boys)! Different dolls will have different items, clothes and more which will be included in the offer.

Please look forward to many new releases of the “Lovish. Demon Series” from Doll Moon Design. And with time this gallery will fill up with all my customs.These customs are made from time to time and are open to adoption, once they are finished. Every doll is an OOAK design with concepts and a lot of time spend to it.

I customize my dolls with much love, passion and patience. I want them to bring happiness and love all around the world!

If you are interested in one of these adorable creatures, please follow me on my Instagram @dollmoons to be up to date and don’t miss any new announcement or contact me.

Please keep in mind that I am working full time on my job and it might take a while for me to response. For now, I don’t plan on selling commission slots, but If I will – I definitely will give an announcement.

More information about shipping cost will follow later. If you are new to the hobby make sure to check out my Dollfie Dream basics sites to get all the important info’s you should know about Dollfie Dream.