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Dollfie Dream Sister – DDS

Dollfie Dream Sister measurements

For the standard Model from Volks (M Bust).

Height (A) – 545 mm

Bust (B) – 220 mm

Waist (C) – 145 mm

Hip (D) – 235 mm

Legth of Leg (E) – 275 mm

Dollfie Dream Sister are a bit smaller then the actual Dollfie Dream dolls (about 30 mm). Their bust ist a bit smaller too 5 mm, but their hips are 10 mm bigger than the

Other sizes of regular Dollfie Dream heads will suit them aswell.

You can buy a Body III or a DD-f3 for your Dollfie Dream Sister.

Available skin colors

  • Flesh
  • Semi-white
Dollfie Dream Sister measurements