About me

Yuè is my "Moon Rabbit" and the embodiment of the Doll Moon Mascot.

Hello, I’m Rina – Doll Moon is my little home to share my experience, tutorials and passion. I’m a doll enthusiast since 2010 and now I want to make my dreams come true.

I am an aspiring doll artist and customizer. Please accompany me on my journey if you want to! Let’s learn from each other and improve our skills. Most important – have fun! :)

I have always loved to create or draw my own characters. So the doll hobby is naturally another great way to express this! Especially creating your own custom dolls and Face-ups. I want to improve my customs and share my work with you!

When I got my first doll I also started being interested in photography and editing aswell. I found my passion within Anime Dolls like Dollfie Dreams in 2016. Before that I collected Pullips, BJDs, Azones and more. Some of them are still with me!

When not photographing or “playing” with my dolls I like to spend my time with videogames & drawing.

I like to experiment and learn new techniques, even though cute, sexy, creepy and fantasy-based describe my style quite good. As there are many things I enjoy, I want to improve my skills in different fields.

Thanks for your time on my about Doll Moon site – enjoy your time here!

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