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About Smart Doll

Smart Doll are 1/3 (about 60 cm) anime dolls from japan and designed by Danny Choo. They have this easy recognizable Anime Style and appearance to them. However, there are also some semi-realistic moulds for sale as well! You can buy them online or directly at a Mirai Store.

You can easily customize them and change spare parts, hands and more quickly. This way you can create your own unique doll.

Smart Doll has released many different dolls, characters, clothing and accessories. They do have interesting and great ideas, concepts and also experiment with their items.

A little hole on the backside of your doll is used for its telescope doll stand. It supports your anime doll and can help to make them stand easier.

Skin tones & body shapes

Also Smart Dolls are available in different colors. Through the years there might have been some changes and some colors were dropped. Very special and unique is the clear skin version.

Their offer of skin tones is in general wider or let’s say they are easily available to all the people around the world easily the same! Smart Doll also have a big variety of their body parts – more custom possibilities for you!

Vinyl version

The vinyl version of Smart Doll is similar to other vinyl dolls and models (like Dollfie Dream).

“Vinyl is designed for hobbyists who are familiar with fashion dolls of this scale. The body is more flexible and softer than Cortex but the softer material also means that it’s more prone to dark fabric staining…”

– Danny Choo

The “inner” skeleton of the Smart Doll is made out of harder plastic. It has different joints which gives the doll the ability to pose in different angles and stay like that. The outer part is made out of soft vinyl, and so represents the “skin” of the doll.

It is super easy to swap the upper torso on a Smart Doll!

Cortex version

The cortex version is not available via regular purchase anymore. But it appears as “chaos” option parts. The cortex doll is completely made out of hard plastic. However the hands and head remain as soft vinyl!

“Cortex is designed for children and newbies to fashion dolls – these folks make up 80% of our sales. The body is more sturdy and stable than Vinyl due to the inner structure of the body.”

– Danny Cho

The inner skeleton is like the one from the vinyl ones. Instead of the soft outer skin, this version has a hard plastic body and. It is casted out of several pieces and then put together. The cocoa cortex version is more shiny compared to the other skintones.

WIP pictures of the design process. Picture © copyright by – Smart Doll - Danny Choo
Picture © copyright by – Smart Doll - Danny Choo

Production capacity

The demand for Smart Doll products and dolls is high! To prevent overworked employee’s and an unhealthy workplace Danny decided to cap the dolls on a specific amount of pieces. This means if a doll is getting bought many times she will be out of stock for a short while.

I think this is a great philosophy and awesome that he takes care of his crew and create a good workplace for everyone.

Due to this popular models and new releases are mostly a bit more difficulty to get right away. So you might want to be prepared. One more reason to be happy to have them in hand after.

So if you see a doll with the note “Current production capacity reached”, don’t worry as she will be eventually be back.

Pictures © copyright by – Smart Doll - Danny Choo

Cortex or vinyl?

Both of these body’s came from the same 3D data and share almost the same shapes. All clothing from Smart doll is supposed to suit them both equally well. The cortex version is cheaper than the vinyl version of a doll (about 10.000 Yen).

Keep some things in mind while considering – The cortex body will have some areas where you might see edges of the different parts. Because they are not out of one piece.

The vinyl body looks more natural but if you are not careful enough, it might get stained more easily.

“All option bust parts are made of vinyl – this “hybrid” option will enable you to achieve more dynamic poses due to the flexibility of the vinyl bust and also offer the sturdiness and resilience against dark fabric staining with the Cortex body.”

– Danny Cho

You can mix these systems together however. In the end it is up to you and kind of your preferences and even financial situation on which system you want to buy! Also please notice I can only speak from my point of view and until now I never had a Cortex.

A even more details between these two body can be found on the official Site.


Natural appearance

More skin tones and dolls available

More posable on neck and shoulders

Dents may be fixed by using a hair dryer

More customization possibilities


Costs less

Not so frail against stains

Wider movement range on crotch area

More sturdy

Can be combined with vinyl parts

Popular characters

Not only company characters can be bought as a Smart Doll. Thanks to different collaborations with artists, and other companies there were also popular characters available. Anime doll such as Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop or Mika Jougasaki from Idolmaster!

These anime dolls are quite limited in quantity or being sold from different periods of time.

Be careful! These dolls are super popular and the last releases like Shiki Ichinose or Super girl were sold out within minutes!

New ideas & prototypes

Smart doll is experimenting a lot and i love it! They do have creative concepts and ideas.Their latest creation is “Prophecy” a Smart Doll with three eyes! The centaur was a concept made by Danny. She later appeared in the “garage sale section”. I’m sure we can look forward to more great dolls and designs!

Even if an idea won’t make it to into production, you often have a chance to get special prototypes! The store has a “garage sale” section where you can buy different super limited dolls, parts and more.

The items are available through a, I want to call it a “reverse” auction. The starting price will drop slowly while the time goes on if they are not being bought. Take care! These items are usually limited to one, you might not want to wait too long as these items have a high demand.

Always worth a look to find a unique piece.

Smart System

These cute anime dolls are even more than “just cute”. Because they are compatible with special ideas. Like with a battery for USB-Ports or for charging your Smartphone! With an extra charge you can get your own little personal helper for your home – and he looks excellent for sure! :)

However these parts are currently not available in the shop and marked with “no plans to restock”.


You want to know more about your doll and how to enjoy the hobby also in the long run? Make sure to stop by at the basics.

There are many informations and tutorials for vinyl dolls such as Smart Doll.

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