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Vinyl doll vary in their sizes, appearances, systems and more. There are many different companies which design and produce vinyl dolls. There are of course some similarities between different companys and doll lines themselves. I collect mostly anime doll made of vinyl.

My website however is for now all about these anime doll:

Dollfie Dream

Smart Doll


More might follow in the future

Dollfie Dream

Here are some more information about the popular Dollfie Dream models vom Volks. They are available in different sizes and can be ordered with many options. They do have an inner frame which helps them to move and pose. Their outer shapes are made out of soft vinyl.

Smart Doll

Smart Dolls are the well known brand from Danny Choo. They are available in many skin colors and often have some boy models in stock too! They have a vinyl version, where the outer body is made out of the soft vinyl. Another one is called “cortex” version and is fully made out of hard plastic – perfect for beginners.


You are all up ready for your first vinyl doll or already own one? – As already said, they do have some things in common.

With my basics information and tutorials you will be on a good way to know the important things about your vinyl doll. If needed I will seperate the informations and tutorials.

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