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About Dollfie Dream

Dollfie Dream are anime dolls (such as semi-reastic ones) which are published by the japanese company Volks INC. Their Design is simple yet beautiful and they have a variety of different heads and body parts. This way you can easily customize your own character and dream doll!

These anime dolls have an inner frame which resembles their “skeleton”. It is made out of ABS resin and gives your doll the possibility to move and hold their poses.

Their outer “skin” is produced with soft vinyl, it covers the frame and give the dolls their shapes. Compared to other companies they have not so many different skin tones available. But they do have different sizes and body types!

Volks has different typed of heads, faces and body parts. You can buy full-set dolls or piece by piece. Eyes & wigs are also interchangeable and can be bought in many different colors and styles.

Do you want a girl with a happy smile or rather a grumpy lady? – You can even change or create the face-up (the “make-up” of the doll) yourself to create an even more unique character.

Collaboration dolls

There are also so called “collaboration models” they are planned and released by Volks in coorporation with different artist and labels. These dolls are characters from famous Anime Series like Saber from the Fate Series, characters from the Idolmaster Series, Sword Art Online or even Hatsune Miku!

Their appearances are always very well made and represent the characters wonderfully. They are limited and can be won by Volks Lottery System or through pre-orders. Getting them second hand can be quite hard and they will be more expensive.

What can I do with my Dollfie Dream?

It all depents on you! I for myself love photographing and therefore my Dollfie Dreams are often my motives. Another passion of mine is to create doll customs and characters.  This way many of my own characters became a doll and got a physical form! Some people solely enjoy to collect them as well.

You can also create their clothing, armor or even make your own face-ups. You can craft jewlery, horns, wings, weapons and so much more! And of course you will be able to get to know many other nice people through the hobby, get advices or share tips and so on.

Customizing and realizing your own characters

Taking photos

Create their clothes, jewlery, armor and more

Enjoy the community or meet-ups

Or simply collect them

And much more!

Spare parts – more possibilities

Useful and versatile for your Character and anime dolls are spare parts. No matter if you want to exchange a broken part or if you need more and different options for your doll the spare parts will be useful.

You can get differnt types of hands and poses for them. Also details like the chest size can be chosen and easily replaced.

Dollfie Dream sizes

Dollfie Dream are available in different sizes. Find out more about them below!

Mini Dollfie Dream measurements

Mini Dollfie Dream

Dollfie Dream pretty measurements

Dollfie Dream Pretty

Dollfie Dream Sister measurements

Dollfie Dream Sister

Dollfie Dream measurements

Dollfie Dream

Dollfie Dream Dynamite measurements

Dollfie Dream Dynamite


You want to know more about your doll and how to enjoy the hobby also in the long run? Make sure to stop by at the basics.

There are many informations and tutorials for vinyl dolls such as Dollfie Dream.

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