Doll Wigs

for Anime dolls

Doll Wigs are available in many different colors, shapes and fabrics. Of course you can style and add details to the doll wig yourself.

Buying your doll wigs online

The wig size is usually stated in inch. The international market is a very huge place to get wigs and more. So you should always try to search for english terms in order to get the most results.

Even though it depends on where you are from as there is a big asian market as well which surely has some great offers, but often only in their foreign language, for example chinese.

So most effective terms are searching with “BJD”, even though you want something for your Dollfie Dream, as they share similar sizes! So don’t forget to write the size (preferably in inch) afterwards like “BJD wig 8-9” so you will get many results.

All you need to know about your Vinyl doll


What wig size for your doll

If in doubt, you can usually find the information about your doll on the manufacturer’s site. You can also contact the manufacturer!

Attention: Please keep in mind that there are exceptions! So please inform yourself before you buy a wig and make sure it will fit your dolls head.

Dollfie Dream

8-9″ wigs (about 22.5cm) can be worn by most Dollfie Dream.

They might even wear 9-10 inch wigs with the help of a wig / head cap out of fabric.

Smart Doll Size

Smart Dolls have aslightly smaller head. This means 8-9″ wigs will suit them, but might be a little loose. They have a size of 7,5″-8,5″.


What you should know before buying

You should always consider thinking about the inside fabric of a wig. Some wigs havs dark fabric inside! These might stain your dolls head!! You might consider getting a wig cap to help preventing stains.

The material of your doll is vulnerable to dark or very colorful fabrics / materials. So before you put on your doll’s new wig, check which color the inner fabric has. In worst case, these stains can not be removed because the color has sunk too much in the material.

Dollfie Dream owners should be especially careful because of the soft vinyl material of their doll. They are extremely susceptible to stains.

Wig caps

Wig caps will help to prevent stains on your Dolls head. They are usually made out of fabric. Please don’t use silicon wig caps! silicon can damage your doll. You can put it on the head of the doll before you attach the wig.

Wig caps will be put unter the actual wig.
Wig caps will be put under the actual wig.


How to style your doll wig

So after attaching the wig to your doll and getting it ready you can start to style it even more. For example with some water! I can recommend you to try this out for yourself. Just put a bit of water on your fingertips of your index finger and thumb (after washing your hands!) and then you can start styling the wig – like the bangs for example: putting the hair together and give it a more defined look.

Please be careful with hair spray or gel – it might damage the material of your doll or face up! You can also create your own Dollfie Dream wigs if you like!

Wig Types

Different looks & feels

A synthetic Wig on a Dollfie Dream.
A synthetic Wig on a Dollfie Dream.

Synthetic wigs

Consist of an artificial material. These hairs are characterized by the fact that they have a more or less natural shine. However, there are a lot of differences per manufacturer in terms of quality.

You can find these synthetic wigs in infinitely different colors and shapes! It is probably the most common type of wig.

Be careful when straightening these hairs using only low temperatures. Otherwise the material may melt and damage your straightener / iron.

Mohair Wig on a Dollfie Dream
Mohair Wig on a Dollfie Dream

Mohair wigs

These fluffy wigs are made of “angora goat” hair. This natural fiber has this special appearance and softness. Mohair can be styled very well because of its texture (you can use some water if necessary)!

If the curls of a mohair wig have disappeared, you can moisten the hair with some water. The water can be kneaded in at the tips! If the middle hair and tips are wet you can shake your wig back and forth by holding it at the centre of the inside.

Alpaca wigs

As the name says those wigs are made out of alpaca wool. Similar to the mohair wig these wigs are super fluffy as well and mostly have a very good quality too.

This depends on where you get these wigs. There are many people who are customizing and creating their own doll wigs with alpaca wool. They are often colored in the most different and beautiful kind of ways.


What you should know

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