Doll Custom

From Doll Moon

Doll Moon is my business and established in 2019. It is all about custom doll! Mainly Dollfie Dream & Smart Doll of course. As they were the inspiration to create my own business after all.

It is a big step and realizing my dream. So I will work hard and want to improve so much more in the future. Please enjoy my work and custom dolls, your support is much appreciated and very helpful!

You can find:

  • Doll Head Sets
  • Eyes
  • Wigs
  • Clothing
  • And more

From Dollfie Dream, Smart Doll, Dollce dolls – I love to paint anime dolls with my own ideas and imagination. Many of them originate from an idea that I develop further with each layer and prepare for their new home with a lot of love.

Each doll is unique and comes with its own certificate and is safely packed in a box for transportation. I also provide new customers with a small manual.

Custom painted dolls are only offered in the Doll Moon Store at indefinite intervals. WIP and glimpses behind the scenes can be found on my Instagram account. Upcoming custom projects are often announced there or posted upon release.

In addition, I am of course always so very happy to admire my little one later in her home and to see your ideas with her! Feel free to link me to your pictures or use the hashtag #dollmoon.


You also have the option of purchasing the dolls in a set. That means you decide for yourself whether you would like to have a “full set” i.e. head + eyes + wigs or just the head. You can also choose just the wig or eyes.

Commissions too?

I don’t do commissions in any way. It’s just not possible in terms of time.