Doll Moon giveaway

Doll Moon giveaway – terms & conditions With participating in the “Doll Moon giveaway”, the participant accepts the following conditions of participation: Of Doll Moon, Weingartenstr. 4, 35510 Butzbach.  1) The competition starts on August 30th, 2022 and ends on Thursday 1st September, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (CEST)  2) A total of three winners will…

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Premium 8-9" doll wigs from Doll Moon

Doll Moon wigs & tips

Doll Moon premium doll wigs 8-9″ Doll wigs In our Doll Moon store you can find many types of wigs for your doll! The wigs are great for dolls with a head size from about 8-9″. So many SD sizes dolls can use these cute wigs! Style them how you like it! Style them and…

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Picture Copyrigth by VOLKS INC.

[News] Dollfie Dream Revolutionary Girl Utena Dolls

Dollfie Dream Utena & Dollfie Dream Sister Anthy Volks surprised all Utena fans and lovers with their new Utena Doll releases! The popular main characters from the series “Utena: Revolutionary Girl” will be available for purchase as dolls. Utena Tenjo will be released as Dollfie Dream and will cost 71,500 yen. Anthy Himemiya will be…

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Our year 2021

Our Year 2021 The year 2021 was again a very special challenge for everyone. I also had my ups and downs. However, Doll Moon has developed great, not only regarding our store and design but also my personal collection has changed. Small steps in the right direction.   Pat yourself on the back? – Of…

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Unboxing and preview of the Lina Inverse Dollfie Dream.

Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse Unboxing

Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse Unboxing I would never have expected it, but she moved in with me! Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse. As a small Christmas gift to myself, I got the cute magician “second-hand” – a small dream comes true! I was relatively disappointed at release; the communication was rather meager. I myself did not…

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