Doll Eyes

Doll Eyes

The eyes are the mirror to the soul, that’s also true for your dolls. In my opinion they are a very expressive part. They also form the character of your doll.


You mostly want to have some eyes which fit your character well. Do you want some big cute eyes or some smaller fierce one for an adult? Dollfie Dream & Smart Doll eyes are available in many different colors and sizes.

Smart Doll & Dollfie Dream owners usually use so called “Animatic eyes” for their dolls. They have the typical “anime” styled look. But you can also use other eyes for your doll, just make sure they will fit in!

The most common type of eyes are acrylic eyes or those who are made out of glass. They have a more realistic look.

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Follow me eyes

As their name suggest the follow me eyes come with a twist! These special BJD eyes are literally following you. This gives you the opportunity to capture your dolls from different angles and it will still look right into your lense, without opening the head and set the eyes new!

I offer a wide range of high quality follow me Doll eyes which are great for Smart Doll & Dollfie Dream heads.

As with all the other eyes you should take care of the size of your dolls eye holes! My Smart Doll follow me eyes won’t fit into the semi-realistic heads however! You can read all the sizes directly nect to the article in my etsy store!

What eye size?

As stated above you can’t trivialize this question. But If you want to have a first good reference where to start, you can take a look at the company site from your doll! Usually they have the eye size written on the doll’s site.

After checking your dolls recommended eyes size, you can try on slightly bigger or smaller eyes. If you want to change the look. Don’t overdo it as they might be to small / big to fit into the eyes hole itself! If they are too small there could appear some unrealistic gaps.

I also had one case where the whites of the eyes were too big, so that both eyes were not able to fit in the head at the same time. However this “problem” might have been solved with some sanding.

Not only the eye size in important!

There are some more points which you’ll have to keep in mind for eyes. Not only the size of the eyes is important but also the size of the pupil and iris! They are also important for a specific look. Please consider this when buying new eyes.

This may sounds a bit complicated now, but don’t worry as for my experiences there were only very few eyes who could not fit my doll in any way. Just make sure you have this in mind when ordering and you’ll be doing fine!

The eyes “dome” is also important. It is the size on how the eye will extrude in front of the “lense”. Often glass eyes have very high domes so be aware.

Animatic eyes

They are made out of acryl or resin. Animatic eyes have the perfect anime style for your Dollfie Dream.

Acrylic eyes

Are made out of acryl and can have a more realstic style. They are available flat or with a handle.

Glass eyes

Made out of glass. They usually have this handle on the back and have a bigger dome compared to the other eyes.

Create your own eyes

You can even create your own Dollfie Dream eyes. This way you can make sure to get the perfect style for your doll.

To the DIY Dollfie Dream eyes Tutorial.

Volks official site

You can search for your doll here to find out all the informations and the the default sizes or their eyes.