Vinyl Doll Basics

Topic overview and help

All you need to know about your Vinyl doll

Vinyl dolls of course share some similarities. In my guides and tutorials I however want to talk about the differences aswell. So I try to seperate the themes and information if needed. You will find these on the side below. I am focusing on Dollfie Dream and Smart Doll. Get ready for many helpful tipps and Vinyl doll basics.


You are new in the Vinyl Doll hobby? Well these little guides and information sites will help you to enjoy it in the long run! There are some things you should know about your doll and how you should treat it! Please take your time and look around. You want some first information about what Dollfie Dream and Smart Doll exactly are?

Care & Usage

How to handle your doll

The material of vinyl dolls need special care and there are some things to keep in mind! I gathered some information for you to take care! Find out more details about this topic in the link.



Light & UV-Light


More about care

How to take care of your anime doll.


Size & Styles

For me eyes are an important part of the doll. They are the mirror to their soul, so I think. They can have much expression in them and can definetly an highlight in your pictures. Let’s talk about the different types and sizes and more!

The rigth size

How to change

Animatic eyes

Acrylic eyes

More about eyes for your anime eyes.


More about the hair

All about the hair of your vinyl doll. Where to look for wigs and what you should keep in mind when putting a wig on your dolls head. Explore the colorful and exciting world of doll wigs!

Buying online

Wig types

Wig caps


Find the right wig for your doll!


Helpful information about stains

Vinyl dolls can tend to get stains. The material might soak in some unwanted colors of clothing, wigs and more. I want to give you some information where your doll might get them, prevention and how you might get rid of them.

What to look after

Spare parts

Stain prevention


How to prevent stains