Material care

How to handle your vinyl doll

Dollfie Dream material care is important. There are some things you should have in mind when getting a Dollfie Dream. I want to share some informations – so you can enjoy the hobby in the long run.

Be Gentle

Obviously you want to treat your doll gently! You should also take care while posing them. Don’t use force, otherwise you might risk to damage your doll. Some broken parts might be repairable but not everything. In this case you might have to consider buying some spare parts for your doll.

Also have an eye on what get’s in touch with your doll or where she is sitting. Spending extra time and giving some more attention to even little things will help to protect your Dollfie Dream.


Too much humidity is not good for your doll. It can damage the face-up and blushing. Especially important when you are sealing your dolls face-up otherwise it might cause problems and damage the face-up!

Oil based products

Keep all oil based products away from your doll. It can stain them or even attack the material and sealing. For an example hand lotion – better wash your hands. You can even use some gloves if you want to be exra save.

What you should know – Dollfie Dream material care
Helpful information on how to take care of your vinyl doll. Dollfie Dream material care


This is a difficult subject. All in all you can say acetone damages the material and after a time you can see the result. Some people use nail polish to remove the face-ups, if you want to try this out as well you should get an acetone free one.

Maybe you won’t notice this at first and it might take some time. I heard some people saying that they used acetone based nail polish without noticing anything.

But do you really want to risk something rather than being on the safe side using the right materials, especially on an expensive doll?

Light (UV-light)

The material is sensitive to UV-light – from the sun and even from your camera flash.

Try not to keep your Dollfie Dream under direct sunlight all the time. The light will change the skin color of your doll. After some time the material gains a yellowish tint to their surface. This is called yellowing. Even oxygen can cause this effect on a smaller scale as well.

Always take care – even on cloudy days UV can be strong! Please keep in mind that this effect won’t show instantly. It will appear time after time and even with great care and protection you won’t be able to fully avoid this effect but you can slow it down.

For example with some UV-Protection sealing spray. Something interesting is the fact about cooler UV light, mostly found in camera flashes – the flash can be even more powerful than sunlight, you should not underestimate it and try to avoid using it!

Extreme Temperatures

Avoid both, extreme cold and heat. Take care where your dolls are standing next to – don’t place them next a heat and so on.


The soft vinyl parts of your Dollfie Dream tend to get stains. Take care when dressing them in dark or super vibrant colors.

The fabric might stain them! More about stains and what you can do against them.

Hope this Dollfie Dream material care Guide was helpful! Take a look at my other guides aswell!

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