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Dollfie Dream Dynamite – DDdy

Dollfie Dream Dynamite measurements

For the standard “normal Model Body III” from Volks.

Height (A) – 565 mm

Bust (B) – 265 mm

Waist (C) – 160 mm

Hip (D) – 275 mm

Legth of Leg (E) – 305 mm

Dollfie Dream Dynamite are well known for their curves and a glamorous body shape! They have a very wide bust and hip compared to the other Dollfi Dream models.

The DDdy Body is available as Body III and DD-f3.

Available skin colors

  • semi-white
  • flesh

Stay on guard which clothes you will get for her. The curves and “bigger” measurements make it sometimes tricky.

Dollfie Dream Dynamite can also wear other sizes heads (In the most cases!!)

Dollfie Dream Dynamite measurements