Smart Doll Challenge Boxopening

Unboxing & review

Today I want to share a boxopening of my precious Smart Doll Challenge. I ordered her kind of spontaneous. As I previously hat other “doll plans” in mind. Well at least I had anoher Smart Doll in mind.

My next Smart Doll would have been the gorgeous Liberty otherwise. But she needs to wait a little longer now.

While working on my first commission I realized that I could of course also get a full Smart Doll and customize her afterwards! It never came into my mind before… – Seriuosly *sigh*

About Smart Doll Challenge

She is a relative new doll and was released this year.

  • Skintone Cinnamon (only one at the moment)
  • Vinyl body
  • „Maple“ Eyes
  • Available option for wig: „Mermaid Sunset orange“ or „Long Straight Lavender”

]I love the combination of her default Face-up and the lavender wig. But why did I order her with the orange one? Very simple – Thanks to my Chitose I already have a lavender wig! At a later point I will redo her Face-up anyway.

I will most likely change her eyes aswell and will choose something for suiting for her character. With the package came also a “push-up bust”. As I always loved the honey colored underwear they had to be ordered aswell.

And last but not least some elf ears. Those are not for her though and for another incoming little surprise.