Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka Version 2

Unboxing & review

Oh my she is now quite a while with me to be honest – it has to be like 3 months already! :) But I am still happy she is with me and now I proudly present you my latest doll from my crew: Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka!

Magical unboxing

So back then I did a boxopening with my Rin! This is the second time ever doing such a video but I felt a little more “experienced” than before. So please enjoy this video aswell!

This Rin Dollfie Dream release came out in 2015. And is a limited doll just as the other character collaboration Dollfie Dream from Volks. She is now my second original character doll from the “Fate Universum”. and For now I am planning on keeping her character and appearance.

Also due to the fact that I really adore her look and also her personality. In short: She is often a very serious, a rational mind, competitive person and can be very bossy, deep down she is a caring person and has a strong sense for honor.

Some thoughts about the doll

As always (to this day) I am again fascinated with all the little details and the wonderful doll. They did a great job with the outfit. The skirt for example has wire in it so you can pose it! The dagger and the necklace gives you some nice props to pose her with. And what I did forget to show, you have actually some little “command spells” which you can put on her hand. Her scarf and coat are so cozy and well made too! A tiny negative thing might be the wig: It can look sometimes a bit artifical – but if you take care and keep an eye on that you won’t have any problems with this either. :)

Version 2?

But why version 2? The first Dollfie Dream Rin released in 2009. Differences between them is that they are based on different series within the fate universum. Rin version 1 from 2009 is from Fate/hollow ataraxia a graphic novel game and the version 2 is from Fate/stay night show “Unlimited Bladeworks”.

Obviously they have minor differences, like the shoes, the face-up, wig or eyes.

I hope you enjoyed my video and pictures of my new Dollfie Dream! :) Thanks for reading and take care.

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