Dollfie Dream Emilia

Unboxing & review

I still can’t believe that I have this grail doll with me. Dollfie Dream Emilia was on my wishlist for a very long time now.

I alwys adored her Face-up so much. Even though I have to admit that I don’t know the original Series or her character she is based on. Please enjoy my Dollfie Dream Emilia Boxopening and preview.

My plans

Dollfie Dream Emilia will inherit one of my own characters. I will not keep her original character from the Re:Zero series. Although I’m definetly keeping her default Face-up. Thats one reason why I wanted to get the Version one of her.

In terms of “just using her shell” the Version one is definetly my favorite.

Yes She is getting a new Version (more below!)

About the doll itself


Her Outfit is so detailed and well-made. It fits her so perfectly well and I like the fabric they used fot it. Also the fact that it is combined out of different pieces makes it very usefull and handy to create different looks.

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Especially like her wig! Often I’m not the biggest fan of the defualt wigs of the colaboration dolls. But Emilia really convinced me otherwise. It is so soft and easy to handle. It’s style helps to show her cute little elf ears too.


They look very nicely and like her character. But in my opinion they are a tiny bit too big. But that is just a matter of taste

DD Emilia Version 2 is coming!

You were not able to get an Emilia Dollfie Dream? Good news!

Volks is planning to release a Second Version of the popular Emilia doll. She is supposed to be available in August 2021.
She will have a different Face-up and slightyl different appearance. But Still have her iconic outfit and cute appearance!

More Information about the prices and dates can be found here.

After her announcemenr I was super hyped. Finally I was able to lay my hands on my own Emilia. Even though the second Version is very adorable and extremly pretty, my heart was lost on her original one. Thats when I decided on getting the Version 1. Which was soon to be rewarded as I finally found her!

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