No matter if you are new in this hobby or already „advanced“ – here are some interesting information about where to buy Dollfie Dream clothing, shops and more. You may find something new or inspiring. So please have fun!


For Dollfie Dream & Smart Doll

Please note: I am mostly searching / buying clothes for 1/3 (SD) or 1/4 scale (MSD). That does not mean the shops won’t have any other sizes, but I just wanted to say. There might be even cooler shops around for other sizes aswell. The companies have their offices in different countries, so next to higher shipping cost taxes may also add up – depending on where you live.

Doll companies & Shops

Volks – Obviously Volks. They have SO many lovely conecpts and outfits. Their quality is very good and they do have good prices too! I buy from them regularly.

Alice Collection – A distributor offering items from many different doll companies so you only have to pay for the shipping once. However the preparing time is a little bit longer. As they have to order from the companies directly and will ship your order our once everything arrived with them.

Iplehouse – They have very detailed and maybe a bit more expensive outfits. Also you need to take care of the measurements as their dolls are a bit bigger than Dollfie Dream and Smart Doll. Oftentimes you can hide loose or not 100% fitting clothes in pictures however.

Doll-Hearts – One of ma favorites! Their outfits are very pretty and often have many different parts – perfect for mix and match!

Tata’s-Paradise – The Clothing has a good quality, I would not compare it to Volks level but their are definetly more cheap and have some very cool items you can combine. I really love their styles and ordered already many times here.

RRabit – Defintely one of my favorites. Their prices are great and I like their often modern clothes.

Dollgerie – These Outfits are awesome and well crafted! The details and fabrics are great! I was directly convinced with my first order.


A real goldmine is Etsy! There you can find great outfits for “niche” dolls like Angel Philia, Slim MSD and more. The creators here are simply fantastic and very talented. I want to share some of my favorite creators too!

YumeWearShop – Sweet Clothing for your Dollfie Dream / Smart Doll & Angel Philia!

Balljointedsoulmates – Great sortiment with modern clothing for Slim MSD dolls. I ordered there several times for my Anifee!

CODENOiRDOLL – Simply love their designs and outfits. I ordered some Items here directly for my Angel Philia


Very helpful to find sold out items or other clothings for a good price!


Also as in Social media & groups! People often post their sales on different platforms.

> It can help to post a “WTB” (want to buy”) post yourself on social media, if you are searching for a specific outfit

Keep in mind that some clothes and materials can stain your Dollfie Dream. Find out more information about stains in my tutorial & help section.

Oh and as a side note, I only included Shops where I did buy something in the past! This is not a commercial with the shops or anything. Rather than a personal information on which shops i really like. I do not get paid for posting or linking these!

Some last tipps

Don’t wonder: most of the Shops are actually BJD companies. But also the Dollfie Dream dolls can wear their clothing. There are many sizes which are shared for vinyl such as for resin dolls. Of course these are only a few different options where you can great things for your doll – but a great start for beginner.

Tipp: Some outfits are definetly not very cheap, but most of the time it is worth it! Especially when you get an outfit with many different pieces. This gives you the option to mix and match the pieces together with other outfits and creating a new look.

Please always keep an eye to the measurements however. Only that way you can be sure, that the clothing will suit them in the end. Like Dollfie Dream Dynamite have a “special” size.

If you get a shirt or something like that to big, you can help yourself with a clamp or safety-pin on the back.

Do you know a cool shop or where to buy Dollfie Dream clothing? Please write me a comment below! I’m always happy to to find some new great shops or companies!

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