Yor Forger

Unboxing & review

The thorn princess arrived and is ready to strike! Showing my Gorgeous Dollfie Dream Dynamite Yor Forger.

The doll

She is a Dollfie Dream Dynamite and comes with her popular assasin dress! Surely a sight to behold.

Face-up & Head

The Face-up looks very pretty and suits the character very well! Such an adorable work.

I think they could have optimize her lips and give her the iconic smile she always has.

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I LOVE her outfit and the weapons. All the golden details are so pretty and well made. Once again Volks did a wonderful job.

However I I was still worried for the dress to stain. Even though many items had a lot of white or lighter inner fabric.

Black threads and darker parts are still there and come in contact with her.


Her wig is so pretty! The back part looks simply fantastic! Suits her original character a lot.

But here once again: The risk of stains is real. The inner fabric of the wig is plain black!

All in all

She is a wonderful doll. Definetly regret not getting her directly from Volks. But all the waiting was worth it.

She will keep her face up. And her character aswell for now! :)

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