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8-9″ Doll wigs

In our Doll Moon store you can find many types of wigs for your doll! The wigs are great for dolls with a head size from about 8-9″. So many SD sizes dolls can use these cute wigs!

Style them how you like it!

Style them and decorate them just how you like it! Cute Hairclips or bow and more. It is up to you!


  • You can wash our wigs with warm water and shampoo or conditioner
  • Air dry or blow dry it afterwards – Only use the wig when it is completely dry


  • You can use hair pins / clips / ties and more to decorate your wig and style them to your liking
  • Use an Iron (or curling iron) to style the wig eben further or bring it back to shape. More detailed information down below!
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  • Please keep in mind that darker fabric, also from the wig cap might stain your doll! Please use a head cap for protection and to minimize the chances of stains.

Styling the wigs

Help and information

The video is embedded by Youtube. Google Privacy Policy applies.
The video is embedded by Youtube. Google Privacy Policy applies.

Even though we take great care about our wigs. It can happen that they will fall a little out of shape during transportation. We want to give you some help and tips to bring them back up in shape.

Or in general if you want to personalize your dolls wig. Please remember that I can only speak for our own wigs.

Working with an iron

If the hair falls to flat or is too “puffy” you can use a small iron to fix this. It need a little practise and patience.

  1. Place your wig on a placeholder head or something similar. We recommend to use a blank head for works like this, because you can seriously damage your doll or / and face-up by any mistakes.
  2. Get yourself a brush / comb.
  3. Use your iron on 100° C. You can also start on lower temperatures and test step by step. This way you can get a hang of using it on your doll.
  4. Take the parts and straighen or curl them. We recommend to do this strand by strand rather than a whole bunch of the hair.
  5. Please remember the hair will heaten up and not to burn yourself.

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More to come

New wigs are also in the making. We are waiting for new samples and preparing some new articles right now too.


You can also find some cute and lovely hair ties, clips and more in out shop. More possibilities to create the look and style you want for your doll and character.

Cuddly plushies are waiting to be adopted too! They have the perfect size for your doll.

Yummy and colorful doll sized sweets are available in little lucky bags. Get yourself one of these treats and see what you will get!

Affordable and great Doll eyes available on Doll Moon!


Of course, we still remain true to ourselves! We will continue to develop our eye designs and refine and expand our selection. Our popular “Follow me Eyes” are also still available. Discover now all new designs and the further size “Semi-Real”.

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