Dollfie Dream Y’shtola

Unboxing & review

My Dollfie Dream Y’Shtola has finally arrived – But was it worth the wait and the money? Learn more about the new Final Fantasy doll.

About the release

Dollfie Dream Yshtola came on the market in December 2021 as a pre-order. So every buyer could purchase a doll in an announced period.

Announced shipping date was December 31, 2022 – So, a full year of waiting after payment. Volks was able to meet the shipping date and the packages went out on time.

Was it worth the wait?

Absolutely – I am completely thrilled. Such a great doll. The details are super worked out and I really like the choice of fabrics.

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The face-up didn’t disappoint me this time either. (Different from the 2B release)

You just got exactly what was shown. I really like your semi-real looking head. A really unique doll in my collection.

Magnets for the ears

Especially practical are the magnets which are already attached to the head. So you can attach ears easily and without problems!

My plans for her

I will keep her face-up but she will most likely get her own character. At the moment it is planned that she will take a role in “Kronos Story”, which will be revealed later.

Some wigs & eyes have already been tried on her.

More Tan Skin please!

I hope that we can expect more different skin colors from Volks dolls in the future. In my opinion, it is long overdue that the Tan Skin color is also regularly available in the online store.

Nevertheless, I’m happy (my wallet rather not so) about each new release and I’m excited about what we can expect in the future from Volks.

Hope you enjoyed my Dollfie Dream Y’shtola unboxing!

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