Our year 2022

Thats how it went

2022 was a completely crazy year. Many uncertainties, fears and doubts in the world that are even still going on. From the frying pan into the fire, so to speak. But just then it is important to look at the whole and also to recognize the positive results and developments.

Small steps are also special

Sometimes it may not seem like it, but even small steps can have a big impact and are worth being happy about. Maybe you didn’t achieve as much as you wanted, but that could be the decisive motivation to continue building up here next year. It’s obvious that you can’t always do everything.

Breaks and relaxation are also important

If you’re “powering through” all the time, sooner or later you’ll have to take a break. So that the body comes back to rest and you can gather energy, maybe even new ideas for the next project. Therefore, you should not have a guilty conscience if you take the time you need.

Each at his own pace

One tends (and I do it myself too often) to compare oneself with others. Often, unfortunately, in the negative sense that others are much better or have more. Obviously this is rather destructive. But what is often forgotten that we compare our “behind the scenes” mostly with the “highlights and heights of others” and quickly is the negative opinion of our own.

But you should not lose sight of the fact that no one else is in your shoes and that you are going your very own way, have different experiences and are simply your very own person.

Breaks and relaxation are also important

Because only then you can see exactly what you have achieved and set new goals. Even if something has not worked out so well.

Our Doll Moon Year 2022

Review 2022

Highlights and Reviews

What goals did I set myself to achieve in 2022?

  • ✓ Improving my photographs and poses
  • ✓ Regular new conent on different platforms – Could have been better, however I have the impression, that postings were much more regular than before
  • ✓/X Create character & collection profiles – Yes no, at least I collected some information, expanded and prepared!
  • X More experimenting and making pictures outside

Personal highlights from 2022

  • Created and posted more reels / videos
  • Gaia, Ceres &Simetra Re-Designs
  • Kronos Storyline was defined and completed
  • Ankou Dark Magical Girl Story
  • Was able to fulfill some of my longer pending wish Dolls: Rem, Airi, Tamaki & Beatrice.

Highlights of Doll Moon in 2022

Our Doll Moon Shop is also in transition and we have accomplished quite a bit.

  • First shirt designs
  • Expansion of the assortment of eyes & wigs
  • New CI & Print Designs
  • Update of our website

2023 Preview

What is ahead?

These are our plans for 2023.

Doll Wish List 2023

My wish list for 2023 is “quite empty”. New announcements of Volks & Co have of course a potential to be dangerous. But at the moment there are no clear resolutions as before.

I can rather imagine to implement the one or other “standard” custom and realize a few of my characters.

  • Yue Mini Dollfie Dream
  • Low-Key
    • Dollfie Icon (Lilac
    • DD Kaede
    • DD Ruler

Our plans for 2023 – Doll Moon Shop

  • Expand assortment (clothes&more)
  • Design new wigs & eyes
    • + Non Follow me eyes

Private goals

  • Sewing Practice
  • More drawing
  • MDD “Project Mochi” Finished
  • Pending heads painting (Private): Erica &Sakuya
  • Cleaning out Doll Stuff
  • Get more experience in modding Dolls
  • Create character sheets from Kronos Storyline
  • Extend existing characters

Thank you

I would like to thank you for all the support and trust I received in 2022 from my loved ones, family, friends and customers. We as Doll Moon are also ready to give our best in 2023.

Sharing, liking and commenting always helps us and does not cost. Thanksto all


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