How to change Dollfie Dream eyes

In 4 easy steps

Today’s tutorial is about how to change Dollfie Dream eyes. Sometimes you want to give your doll a new look and I want to help you with this first step. Removing eyes can be tricky, especially from older Dollfie Dream models.

1. Before we start

What you need:

  • Eye putty or something similar
  • your new eyes
  • look for a “lever”. For this you can use something stub, like an old spoon you don’t need anymore.

Wash your hands, you can also wear some gloves it you want to.

Attention: Please always be careful with your doll! Handle your doll gently, so that neither you or your doll will get hurt or damaged. Even more because the Face & Face-up are sensitive parts.

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2. Off with the head (cap)!

The first step to change Dollfie Dream eyes is to get the wig off and open the head cap. You can also take the head off your doll if you want to. It will be easier to remove the eyes later.

Older Dollfie Dream models have a bit harder Vinyl, so you can use your “lever” to “pry open” the head cap.

3. Removing the old eyes

The eyes are attached with some sort of hot glue. Try first if you can get out the eyes easily, sometimes it does work! If they are too firm you can gently push the head on the sides together, so that the glue will loosen up.

You can also use your “lever-tool” to get the eyes out. If they still need some help you can try to push them from outside inside. But remember: be very careful, so that you won’t damage the doll eyes or hurt yourself.

Tip: Take your time and be careful! If you still have problems with the eyes and the glue won’t losen up, you can “warm-up” your head and hot glue with some warm water. Take care so that the Face-up won’t get damaged though!

4. Insert your eyes

I prefer to use eye putty or something similar to out the new eyes in. They can be changed and re-positioned more easily this way, rather than using hot glue.

If you want to read more about Dollfie Dream and their eyes, you can take a look at my tutorial.

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