Let's talk about different issues in the doll hobby.

Is it even possible? After all, we want to unwind and enjoy our leisure time with our hobbies. Nevertheless, there are many aspects of the hobby that can often stress me out. And I believe I’m not alone; many of us feel the same way. My goal with this post …

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It is important to take care of your mental health. Especially important when life get's rough.

Social media offers incredible benefits – finding new friends, networking, enjoying great content, tutorials, and much more. However, it’s also a double-edged sword. Many negative aspects can impact our lives and mental health. Especially when there are problems in your private life / school / work, you can really fall …

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A guide to remove yellowing from your doll.

Today I want to share some experiences withhow to remove yellowing from Dollfie Dream. Over time, your vinyl dolls can develop discoloration or “yellowing.” This phenomenon is familiar with items like gaming consoles or other plastics that have been exposed to prolonged sunlight. UV light leads to an yellow tint. …

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Picture Copyrigth by VOLKS INC.

Accessories Here you can find more great links all about dolls

Picture Copyright by VOLKS INC.

Volks Website Store Buying directly at Volks Example of a schedule from Volks – This is how the schedules for pre-orders or the lottery can look like Lottery Getting your Dream Doll Alternative Did not get your doll?

This is an easy way on how to remove unwanted items from a picture.

Today, I’ll show you how to remove doll stand or other unwanted elements from a captured image. A quick reminder: I’ll be using Photoshop for this tutorial. This is not a promotional post; other software might have similar tools to achieve the same results. Additionally, it’s essential to know that …

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Doll Moon Doll wig 8-9" for SD Dolls

8-9″ Doll wigs In our Doll Moon store you can find many types of wigs for your doll! The wigs are great for dolls with a head size from about 8-9″. So many SD sizes dolls can use these cute wigs! Attention

How to take care of your first Dollfie Dream

New to the hobby? Christmas is just around the corner. So here and there could be a Smart Doll or Dollfie Dream under the Christmas tree. – Whether given as a gift or given by yourself, especially at the beginning and with the first doll, some questions can arise.

Big assortment of different types and color of anime follow me doll eyes in the Doll Moon Store.

They say eyes are the mirror to your soul. And that’s exactly the same with dolls. At least when it comes to give them personality. With the help of follow me doll eyes you can literally let them come to life. You’ll be an eye catcher for sure.