Tinyfox Anna

Unboxing & review

Last year this little lady was allowed to move in with me. She is a Tinyfox Anna. I just couldn’t resist her little teeth and cool faity tale look!

About the dolls

She is a ¼ size MSD doll from Tinyfox and is made of vinyl. The vinyl is a little firmer than Volks’, similar to Smart Doll’s but has a velvety finish.

Tinyfox offers their doll as a pre-order. This means you can order your doll in a certain period of time.  There is no lottery system or anything like that here.

However, if you “miss” the doll you can only get it in a roundabout way. For example, second-hand or if a dealer of Tinyfox still has one in stock.

This gives Tinyfox the possibility to release new and really nice dolls on a regular basis.

Here, however, you can also fall back on standard models at any time.


The face-up turned out really great, multi-coloured, even and yet fine. Tinyfox not only knows how to create great designs, but also transfers them wonderfully to the dolls.

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Head& Eyes

Unfortunately, I don’t like how the eyes are attached in the head. Similar to Angel Philia dolls, the eyes here are held in place with some sort of cone (made of vinyl). I find this makes it very difficult to change and rearrange the eyes and gives you less options for other eyes. (Without modding)


Her mobility is a bit more limited compared to Mini Dollfie Dreams. Her joints remind me of single-jointed BJDs. She can only bend her arms and legs up to a 90° angle. Tighter posing is impossible.


The clothes fit like a glove, almost a little too much. The fabrics are beautifully chosen and the designs are well implemented. Small blemishes or loose threads are easily forgiven, especially when it comes to the price.

However, I would have liked if they chose to use a white inner fabric for her dress for example.

However, I must say that I have no experience so far how it looks with discoloration in general. Since Tinyfox offers a protective suit, I assume that there is also a risk of discoloration with these dolls vinyl.


A very big plus point is the price. Because compared to other dolls in the same size, the Tinyfox dolls cost only a fraction of the price. In some circumstances, a doll can cost around $150~$250. And that includes face-up, eyes, outfit & wig!

My thoughts

I find the price performance extremely good. As mentioned, there are small shortcomings and there are definitely things which could be improved, such as the mobility.But I am really positively surprised with the whole package!

So far, these dolls have flown completely under my radar. However, I can well imagine that one or the other Tinyfox will still move in with me.

She has a very detailed and cute outfit.

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