Dollfie Dream Shin Sato

New Idolmaster Doll release

From the popular Series: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls! Dollfie Dream Shin Sato was announced as a new release in 2023!


The DD Shin Sato will come with her precious and frilly outfit. Including many adorable heart shaped details, decorations and bows.

Size: Dollfie Dream
Skintone: Fresh
Price: 79.200 Yen (incl. tax)

How and where to get her?

Directly in Japan: She will be available on Sunday the 23th April 2023 at the Dollpa 49. Sales will be Limited.

Outsite of Japan: She will be available in the online Shops from Saturay the 6th May. No information about the time until yet though.

It seems that she will be also limited in sales here. So first come first serves.

Many of the limited dolls were sold out after only a few minutes / hours. So make sure to take a look around.

More Information About Dollfie Dream Shin Sato can be found here.

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