Unboxing & review

Wonderful elven Mage Frieren found her way fome to me after her journey! I’m very happy I have her despite the stress I had to actually get her.

The doll

Frieren is a Dollfie Dream Sister sister doll and came with many items and outfits. She has semi-white skin and had the bigegr hands. I was first surpirsed, but they are so cute.

Face-up & Head

Despite the face-up being a little “frizzy” towards the ends, I think she turned out so pretty and actually did a good job in capturing her character from the manga and anime series.

I also like the pinkish colors they added to her eyes. The big outline of her eyebrows was a choice they made I guess. It could have been slimmer or they could have leave that that in my opinion. But nothing I can’t live with.

The ears are attached with some magnets in the heads and the earrings are fixed on them aswell. Whoch I actually apprecite. As the earrings of my Yor stained her ears a little with keeping them on. So you are not as “flexible” with the earrings with Frieren but at least they won’t be stained.

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Volks made the effort to create more outfits for her. A winter and summer attire from the series. Which I admire both so much. The design of her clothey are rather minimalistic, which I quite like. They did a great job transfering the original character into this doll.


Her wig is a little stiff in terms of her bangs. They are actually a lot “fluffier” than they would need. But with a little time and effort you can style them nicely without using any hair products. Just like I did.

All in all

All the trouble was worth it. When I initially wanted to order her I set my alarm and stood up in the middle of the night. To my dissapointment She did not have an option to pay with PayPal. Which was stated in Volks information.

I tried different payment methods but all to no avail. It was super stressful and did not made it in the end. After goind to bed I was able to find a good (yet more expensive) offer in a second hand market.

It was a wild ride but I’m glad she is here with me. As I adore the anime series too. It is always a “fight” to order a release when it drops at Volks. I mean she was sold out after 27 minutes.

I have hopes they will improve the shopping experience in the future though.

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