Take a look at my latest Addition Shin Sato (Dollfie Dream Doll) Unboxing

Shin Sato makes her debut in my doll collection. Another Character from the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls joins in. Please meet this new and super adoreable Idol and see how I struggle with her wig and decorations. And how I fixed them!

Information, video and pictures about Dollfie Dream Sister Frieren

Wonderful elven Mage Frieren found her way fome to me after her journey! I’m very happy I have her despite the stress I had to actually get her.

Doll Moon Doll wig 8-9" for SD Dolls

8-9″ Doll wigs In our Doll Moon store you can find many types of wigs for your doll! The wigs are great for dolls with a head size from about 8-9″. So many SD sizes dolls can use these cute wigs! Attention

The year 2021 was again a very special challenge for everyone. I also had my ups and downs. However, Doll Moon has developed great, not only regarding our store and design but also my personal collection has changed. Small steps in the right direction.

Check out these lovely shops and get some new clothes for your doll.

No matter if you are new in this hobby or already „advanced“ – here are some interesting information about where to buy Dollfie Dream clothing, shops and more. You may find something new or inspiring. So please have fun!

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Find out more about one of my doll story lines.

]Mythology is somewhat of a passion of mine. At least I am very interested in these kind of topics such as myth and yes cryptic too! :) Usually I am a “full-time fantasy loving” person. But I discovered my interest in Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk too. Well, at least when it …

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Find out more about the Dollfie Dream 2B (Nier:Automata) doll release by Volks in my review.

So I recently got my Dollfie Dream 2B doll. Which first wave was released by Volks in 2019. Was the price and waiting worth it? That’s something I want to talk about in todays Dollfie Dream 2B review post! :)

What are the differences between those two anime dolls? Find out more in my blog entry.

Todays I want to talk about my experiences, impressions and thoughts. So Dollfie Dream vs Smart Doll! You cannot decide or want to know their differences – then you are at the right place! :) First off I want to mention that I won’t take sides and keeping it neutral …

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Smart Doll Chitose Multiverse Boxopeing

Now we are talking about unboxing Chitose Multiverse. :) That’s right, it’s not that long ago that I got my Smart Doll Athena! Since then I stalked the Smart Doll store on a regular basis. When creative ideas hit me and I developed her Character and name it was all …

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Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter joins the other previous Sailor Moon Girls! Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury were released as Dollfie Dream Sister before.