Dollfie Dream Kirito

Unboxing & review

He is with me for a while now to be honest, but now I can happily show my unboxing Dollfie Dream Kirito. Kirito is my first male Vinyl Doll and I am super excited to have him in my crew. This one definitely needs some more clothing however. As most of the boy clothing I have (from my former BJD boys) are too big for him. He already lends some clothes from the girls, … but the choices are limited as you can imagine.

About the release

Released: 2017

Height: 570 mm

Body: DD base body III & “bellboy type adoption”

Eye size: 22 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Doll + wig
  • Outfit: Jacket, belts, pants & T-shirt, underwear, boots
  • His swords ERYUSHIDETA & DAKURIPARUSA with scabbard
  • Extra pair of hands with gloves
  • manual
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This collaboration Dollfie Dream is resembling the popular Character Kirito from the Sword Art online Series (Anime, Games & more). He has his significant black outfit from the first season of the anime. Which actually shows the clothes and weapons (!) from his online avatar. “Fun fact” is that he does look alike to his real appearance also in different seasons (with more of less changes of course).

I was able to get him second hand even though he has this little stain on his head. Which I don’t mind that much.

Outfit and more

First off: I have a love / hate relationship with his outfit. No seriously the design is great and it looks super well on him. BUT the black and dark colors (well yes it IS Kirito I know XD) gave me nightmares. In fact, he only wore it one short time, and that was when I recorded the unboxing! Such paranoia, I can tell you! I packed him in a body suit and even stuck some tissue paper in it, to make sure nothing would happen. Yes, I has a case of staining even when my doll had a suit on, so I wanted to make sure he was ok. It was worth it – He did not get any stains. (I never undressed a doll that fast XD)

The swords are for sure an eye catcher! I Do love them and might include them in one or another photo session in the future too.

All in all

Dollfie Dream Kirito is awesome and my Asuna is for sure happy to have him with her too! :) He will (and already had) have some in-character photo’s. But you can be sure I already tested some other colors on him and I am in smitten with them! I always like to experiment with my dolls – especially with this Dollfie Dream boy.

Thanks for coming by! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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