Unboxing Smart Doll Athena

Unboxing & review

Today’s topic is a new doll in my collection! Few days ago I was unboxing Smart Doll Athena. To be exactly it is not my first Smart Doll, as I owned one years ago, who I sold later on. But now I am even more excited and happy with my Athena! :)

really love her beautiful skin tone. And that’s aaaaalways a thing I am missing with Dollfie Dream dolls. As the tan skin option is for European only available through connections and detours. (Second hand one have sometimes ridiculous prices, because of this issue) That’s what makes it a bit difficult in my opinion. That’s why I was sure I wanted a tea skin Smart Doll first.

Every Smart Doll comes in her default look (eyes, wig and underwear). In my case with Smart Doll Athena there was a wonderful blond wig with some blue eyes. I was blown away when I unboxed her.

At the beginning I was a bit unfamiliar with the posing but not negative. Because everything felt a tiny bit different. But maybe that is just me!

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About the doll

She is a 1/3 sized vinyl doll. The vinyl version is a bit more expensive, but i really like the feel and handling of them. And I have to say she is amazing! I am in smitten with this beauty.

Scope of delivery

  • Doll with default hands
  • Underwear
  • Wig
  • Eyes
  • Stand
  • Certificate

Doll Stand

A cool feature is the doll stand, which you’ll get in addition with your doll. It’s a telescope stand which you can attach to your doll’s back. This way it will be supported while standing and posing.

Smart Doll certificate

The certificate each Smart Doll is well hidden in a perfect spot.

It is actually in the tummy of your doll. First you have to put off the head and arms. After that you can remove the upper torso. This will reveal the inner frame and also an opening of the body, where you can find your dolls certificate.

Elf ears

At first I was a bit confused how to attach the elf ears. Shortly after I understood how this system works. The little hook on the top is supposed to be held by the wig itself. You push the hook under the wig and done! A nice idea but I guess I will use some eye putty or something similar to attach them more permanently.

This construction gives all Smart Doll the option to be compatible with this system. As the Smart Doll head itself was not changed in this process.


With my Smart Doll Athena, I ordered some additional items.

As soon as I saw the millennium boots I knew I would have to get them! My Smart Doll Athena will be representing my own character Kronos. It will be a cyber / futuristic theme. But more about that in a later posting.

Everything was well packed and came with no damages!

More about Smart Doll can be found on my brand new Smart Doll information site.

Take care and stay healthy!

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