Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka

Unboxing & review

Like I stated last year: I won a Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka in the doll lotterie! Everything went well and the process of joining was super easy and without any problems. She was supposed to arrive in November 2018, so you can imagine how happy I am to have her finally at my side. Now to unboxing Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka – please enjoy.

Luka Megurine is a Vocaloid. In Short: Vocaloid is a software which can create artificial songs. With the help of a melody and information about the emphasizes of the lyrics. So Luka is a female voice and character of the program. A more popular one which you might know is Hatsune Miku.


The Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka is a limited doll release and was available in May 2018 through a doll lottery.

I was surprised how many details this doll has! At first glance you could think it is a quite simple design. But when I opened the package I saw how many things Volks included in this release. Such as the little Octopus plushy & the golden microphone & stand. They even included a manual for dressing your Megurine Luka (which was super helpful for me).

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The outfit has a velvety touch and has beautiful little decorations and details on it. The skirt has a wire in it so that you can pose it better. Her sleeve is made out of some sort of artificial leather such as her boots – they also have these big cool heels!

Her brown and golden colours make her look very classy and beautiful. Tiny details such as the brooch or the ornament on her chest are made out of a plastic. So that the shine actually gives it a high-quality look. They both have a hook on the back so you can attach them on the clothing.

The headset is super awesome! It has a very unique design and looks very specific – I always wanted one for my dolls, so this is actually a good start! :) I just never found one which I liked and was in stock!

The doll itself

Her Face is super adorable! Really I love it so much! Especially those little teeth! :) I know they are only visible in specific angles, but I liked this detail quite a lot! Her wig is soft and pretty.

Luka came with two pairs of hands, both with this cool blue nail polish! She actually has a large sized breast (L Bust Flat). Which I realized after unpacking her top and wondering how “huge” it was and not by holding the doll in my hands, haha.

Eye Size: 22 mm

Thanks for coming by to my blog entry and unboxing Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka!

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