Dollfie Dream Saber

Unboxing & review

This DD Saber from Fate/Extra was released by Volks in 2011. So you can imagine how happy I am to have her home at my side. And now unboxing Dollfie Dream Saber. I was lucky enough to get her through second hand. This particular Saber is definetly one of my favorite! :)

The details and realization from Volks with a Saber Dollfie Dream worked out very well! I like the choice of their fabric. For example, her red parts are made out of some soft “velvet” which gives her a superior vibe.

As mentioned before she had minor stains, but I was able to get rid of them all. Now there is only one remaining on her right side of the hip. But I immediately saw when unboxing her that this one got soaked into the material and would not be easily removed. Maybe I will try something in the future besides a magic sponge and some water. Anyways it is not that bad as she will mostly have clothes on which will hide the spot. :)

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A video tribute

Well, I did take much time photographing her yesterday. But that is not all! I thought about making something different this time: a box opening video! This is the first time every making a video and also a box opening, so please bare with me! ^///^ I hope you’ll enjoy it anyways as it was super fun (also a lot of work for an unexperienced one like me XD)

All in all I have to say Saber is an amazing doll and I am very happy I have her in my Dollfie Dream crew now. There are still a lot of pictures which are waiting to be edited. I Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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