Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa

Unboxing & review

The year is only one month old and here we go with a brand new boxopening, haha. Unboxing Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa! So I could not resist this opportunity. Even though she was kind of a “silent waiter” at my wishlist. So maybe the next months might be slower with new dolls? Oh well who can say! :) Anyways there will be some little changes in my doll group, some you already know! But that’s for another time.

First impression

She came in the “common” yellow Dollfie Dream Box with some pictures of her on the outside. Her outfit is pretty cute, dark and according to her character.

ATTENTION: The outfit stains extremely fast! I don’t know if it is only mine but I had to watch out even more than usual. She already has a little stain because of this on her tight. The dark color somehow sticks on your hand! So I recommend to be extra careful, not only on your dolls material, also on your hands.

Her shoes have a weird style in my opinion, but are well made none the less. Her pink studs are a little extra. But you have to pierce her ears yourself if you want to use them. She is not pierced and has only a little making on her ears.

I really love her adorable face! Compared to the other Dollfie Dream dolls she has this “prominent” nose. Thats one thing which makes her so special! And her smile is just so adorable isn’t it? :) In my opinion besides the outfit they were able to capture her face-shape the best from her original character.

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Rise Kujikawa Persona4 the Animation

Dollfie Dream
This special & limited Dollfie Dream released in 2012 at the Dollpa 27.

The Dollfie Dream release portraits her as a  17 year old girl. In general she is described as a cheerful and cute but also as childish and naughty. She likes to flirt boldly. Rise uses her crocodile tears, if she is not getting what she wants.

She used to be an idol but shortly stops that, so that she can help the family business. That’s all I want to mention at this point. Who wants to see more of her original character can dive right into “Persona 4 the Animation”!


That’s her name. This one was for sure for a while now! Wigs & eyes are not finished or did arrive here yet. As I had much work (also cool and interesting!) going on this last month, I did not have enough time for her. That’s somewhat of a bummer, as there aren’t any other new pictures of her. At least nearly all of the projects are (almost) finished. So that means more free time to spend on my dolls, blog and games. :)

Hope you like my unboxing Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa post – Thanks for coming by!

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