Anifee Chocola

Unboxing & review

The sweet little Anifee Chocola arrived finally. First I was not sure If I will keep her. Especially because we have some plans for our move. So I planned on selling her right aways once she would arrive. As I was not able to cancel the pre-order. But as life is sometimes, our plans moving are delayed, and did not work out.

And now the Anifee Chocola is staying with me. To be honest, After the first glance in her box I was so entchanted by her!


The new Anifee anime dolls are a Hybrid from Doll Fairyland. Their body is made out of vinyl (I would compare them to be similar hard as Smart Dolls), an skeleton made out of hard plastic and the head is made out of resin.


Anifee Chocola has a height of 40 cm and falls into the MSD category. But she is even more petit than the “usual” slim MSD dolls, like Minifees who are also produced by Doll Fairyland.

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About the doll itself


What I noticed first: She is extremly light! Also compared to my Mini Dollfie Dream. Her joints are very easy to move – almost a little too loose in my taste. In my opinion especially on her feet and legs. She has a hard time standing up on her own (without the stand).

In general I recommend you to use doll stands anyways, just to be safe. So this is not a big issue but of cause also a little bummer.


Even though I love the idea with the magnet it can be also a little bit risky to use. You also have to keep an eyes out the she won’t “slip away”. It is super easy to hide in pictures which is something very nice though. However if she has thicker clothing on this option will be limited.

Due to her “weak” feet joints she was in danger to fall sometimes even with the stand. That might be because the stand itself is very light.

But you can attach the stand directly on Chocola. If you don’t use her tail you can put it in the open hole on her back.

So the whole idea is pretty neat but definetly has it’s downs aswell. I recommend to watch closely after her even with the stand in use.


The head has a head plate on the back and can be opend with a little lever system. (Like the common resin BJD)

Other than Smart Doll Or Dollfie Dream you have to open the head and unlock the neck in order to lift her head from the body!

Like on their other BJDs Fairyland used the same little lever on Anifee Chocola. Instead of an Shook the head is attached to the inner skeleton directly on her body.

She also has two magnets in her head. Which is very neat! These will keep her cat ears (or any other head parts you like) in place!

Due to the fact that her head is made out of resin, you need to be very careful that you won’t drop it or let her fall. This might damage the head badly. In worst case something will break off.

Wig size

Her default wig size is 6-7“. So a bit smaller than other MSD dolls. But 7-8” wigs also fit her but are a bit loose. You could use a silicone cap to hold it better in place though. I used a 7-8” wig as an example on how it looks.


The eyes are stuck on a little 3D printed white pad. The standard eyes size of Chocola is 14mm. You can easily switch these eyes out as with any other vinyl doll.

Other sizes
This is as always a matter of taste. I also tried some 16 mm eyes on her and I though they looked very great too! In my opinion her default size also look a bit bigger than 14 mm, but that’s what they state on their site.

However bigger sized eyes might look off depending on the size of the pupils. So you might have to try a bit.

All in all

In the end I really like the fact that also abnother company tries itself to create vinyl dolls. Also that the anifee is a hybrid type of doll is very exciting. Maybe we can look forward what they will come up with in the future.

I do not like her default eyes that much, they look a bit off in my opinion. But I do like their quality.

Until now Fairyland does not offer any spare parts or additional hands. Also clothing in this size can not be found in their shop. Which is quite sad as they do have a very specific and unique measurements. However I can imagine they will add these things in the future.

Although they do have similar measurements as Minifee Dolls I recommend you to take a close look at the details and all the measurements if you buy a new Outfit for your Anifee.

Anifee is some very special and sweet addition to my collection.
And she will stay with me for now.

Are you Team Chocola or Vanilla? :D

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