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They say eyes are the mirror to your soul. And that’s exactly the same with dolls. At least when it comes to give them personality. With the help of follow me doll eyes you can literally let them come to life. You’ll be an eye catcher for sure.

Pros & Info

  • Your doll will always look into the camera, no matter which angle you will choose to photograph them
  • Easy to insert
  • No more annoying and time consuming adjustment of the eyes. > This means however if you want to take picture of your doll looking in a different direction, you have to use different eyes.
  • Many follow me eyes suit a wide range of different dolls & types. However please always pay attention to the measurement of your seller / eyes.

What do I need to know when I put them into my doll?

You can insert them super easy into your dolls head! Use some eye putty to set them into your dolls head like any other doll eyes. When adjusting the eyes, you should try to put them in a “neutral” position. Best way it to get your doll head in front of you and adjust the eyes so that they look at you.

Tip: You can adjust your dolls eyes a tiny bit to look up. This way it won’t “stare” and has a more natural look.

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Where to buy follow me eyes

Discover all the colors and styles

You can find many colors and designs in my Doll Moon Store. I do offer a big range for an affordable price!

At the moment I only offer one „universal“ size. Which will fit most anime Dolls like Dollfie Dream or Smart Doll. However, dolls with smaller eyes (like semi-realistic Models from Smart Doll) ect. won’t be able to wear these eyes.

You can also find all measurements of the eyes and designs directly on your item of choice! So you can figure out if they will fit beforehand.

New look in seconds

A new look within second without spending a whole lot of money! –  When you change the eyes or wig of your doll you can create a totally new character and personality. I am always amazed how different the same head can look with different eyes and wigs.

Tip for photography

The “Follow me Eyes” (and most of the other eyes probably too) look appealing when you use a light source that shines slightly from above on your doll. That way little light reflections will appear on the upper edge of the dolls eyes.

This gives them a more realistic look and prevents unwanted reflections in the design of your doll eyes.

In general, the images appear more natural, which is because we can classify the light source as “sun”.  Which is over us for a large part of the day.

As often the case, your own taste plays an important role here too –  Also what mood the picture should have. So have fun playing around. :)

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