Dollfie Dream Fitter

Change the position of your doll faster

A great tool you probably don’t know! This is something I stumbled upon the last days. And I wondered why I did not see if before or really acknowledged it? No matter if maybe Volks did mention or show it with a great feature: I want to introduce you the Dollfie Dream fitter! This is a great tool for your Dollfie Dream eyes.

What you need

The Dollfie Dream fitter has 2 main articles

  • The eyeholder and the soft foam material for your head
  • And a stick for moving the eyes
  • Usually If you want to change the gaze of your doll you have to put everything from her head off. Then you can change the eyes etc. So This tool actually helps you a lot, you don’t have to take everything off all the time.
  • First we will attach the Dream Fitter on Volks eyes.

1. Preparation

Attach the grey parts to your eyes. They will fit different sizes. Attach the half round part on the back of your eye and clip the tiny cylinder on the back through the hole. This will actually hold the eye and the part together. Depending on your eyes size you actually have to insert the cylinder with a different side.

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2. Put the foam in

Next step is putting the white foam into the head. Take care that the foam is put in the right way! Otherwise moving the eyes won’t work as good. Instead of just folding it in the middle from both sides, you have to actually fold it in the middle on the straight side. (Picture for details)

3. A “magical” wand

So now as you can put in the eyes. With the help of the foam and the stick you can actually change the direction of the eyes! It is super easy! It also helps a lot when you want to test some new eyes on your doll sometimes, like me. Of course you have to be careful and not using too much pressure!

Fitting eyes?

Well this tool will help you with posing your eyes! But you still have to use the right size of eyes for your doll of course. If you want to read more about Dollfie Dream eyes you can take a look at my tutorial.

Only for eyes from Volks?

Well when using the set how it is, yes. The grey “adapter” fits into different sizes of Volks original eyes.

But with a little help also other eyes will work. For flat eyes: attach that half round grey adapter with the help of some eyeputty on the flat backside. Done – put them in just like in the tutorial before. Just keep an eye (haha) on the eye putty. Don’t let it get over the edges of the adapter and eye, otherwise it may affect the positioning.

“Naturally round”

Round eyes work fine – you don’t even need the adapter. Just put them in. Depending on the height of the dome you might have some trouble posing. Also take care that the backside of the eye is actually smooth and round, sometimes eyes (especially glass) will have this little lever on the back. This will of course not work with the dream fitter.

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