Motivation & positive thoughts

Some insight and kind words

It’s not always easy to stay positive all the time. That’s why I want to share some positive thoughts and kindness with you. Especially in this fast living media world we should sometimes take a deep breath and moment to remember things which we might take for granted.

Please note that everyone has their own individually feelings and thoughts, this is not a lecture or something. Rather take these words like they come from a friend!

Nothings works out?

Sometimes things won’t turn out as we wanted – whether if it is a photo session, face-up, drawing or anything else we are practising or spending time with. Yes, this can be frustrating! I have had many photos which did not turn out as I wanted to. Even worse if the self-doubts kick in – I have been there too: “I am not good enough” or “why even trying” are some very bad thoughts and attitudes which often invite themselves in.

Neutral view can help – know your mistakes

But rather keeping yourself down and literally wasting time with these “bad guys” you should do the best out of it! Get a neutral opinion of yourself what to improve the next time. Pick the points of your drawing, photo etc. and try to practise this specific point the next time. Or plan some extra time only for this specific part.

It’s ok to make mistakes, you can learn out of them. It is completely ok to be NOT PERFECT! :) Nothing is bad about that. I mean we all want to improve and give our best and that’s the key. Knowing your weakness or mistake can actually help you a lot. This is the first step for improvement.

Start with yourself and be kind.

Also important: see and evaluate what you did like about your project! This way you can see your improvements more clearly! Maybe it’s just something you “lacked” the last time but finding to like it in newer pictures a lot more.

Also a picture might not be completely lost, only it did not turn out as you wanted. Maybe you discovered some other cool angles or a style you did not think about.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t say things like “I suck”, because these are not true – really trust me. Everyone is on their own journey everyone is special in their own way. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. This is ok, don’t worry – there is nothing you can’t learn! Try to concentrate on yourself rather than to others.

Be positive about yourself and keep your head up. Try if you fail – be kind to yourself and it will get easier to stay motivated. Also when getting critique – don’t let yourself get down when getting a maybe “bad opinion” for your work. Try to evaluate the critique and see if it can help you! It could also happen that someone criticises something you do especially like about your picture. And that’s ok, because in the end it is often a matter of taste. You don’t have to pretend or bend yourself to fit in. You have to like your work and idea behind it! Rude comments or mean things can be ignored, of course.

Think positive!

Don’t take everything for granted, look at all the great way you have come. Or appreciate your dolls and home. Don’t forget that even things like your friends, family having enough to eat and a warm home is not a given thing! There is much to be happy for so don’t feed on the negative things!

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