Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter

New Dollfie Dream realease

Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter joins the other previous Sailor Moon Girls! Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury were released as Dollfie Dream Sister before.

Now it is time for Makoto Kino to shine and conquer our hearts.

She will be available from 6thuntil 12thJune 2020 during the Dolpa 43 online weeks event. Her announced price is 63.000 Yen (without taxes).

More about the release

What you will get

  • Doll
    • Normal Skin
    • DD-f³ body with M-Bust
    • Eyes and special Sailor Jupiter Face-up
  • Wig with hairpins
  • Sailor Outfit with accessories
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Unlike the other Sailor Moon girls, she will be an actual Dollfie Dream not a Dollfie Dream Sister. This means she will be a little bit bigger than her comrades. Just like in the Series! She will come with a DD-f³ body.

School Outfit

Her School Uniform will be of course also being available. It can be bought separately and will cost around 7.800 yen (without taxes).

It will suit:

  • Dollfie Dream Sister (Bust sizes SS/S/M)
  • Dollie Dream (Bust sizes SS/S/M)

More Information about this release on Volks Website.

Sakura Amamiya joins the crew aswell

New Dollfie Dream realease

Also new up for the Dollpa 43 online event: Dollfie Dream Sakura Amamiya from Sakura Wars! She will come with her beaitiful kimono and many other nice accessories.

She will cost about 68.000 yen without fees.

More about Sakura Amamiya on Volks Website.