10 years’ anniversary

A doll journey

Not exactly to this day, but this year is actually my 10th year in the doll hobby! :) Yay!

It’s been a long while. Sometimes you just “grow out” of something – like maybe a hobby or an interest. But dolls and photography became a big part and passion of my life and I really don’t want to miss them.

Where it started

It started in 2010 with Pullips, BJD and now anime dolls and vinyl dolls. I also started to take photography more “seriously” back then when I started my journey.

Face-ups & Doll Moon Design

I am doing face-ups more often for myself for about 2 Years now > more intensely maybe one year. And I do have a lot to learn and my style is just starting to form, but I realized that passion, practise and patience can bring you forward!

It took me a while to get there and I was not being a help for myself sometimes however. But you can be sure you know it when you are on your own special & right way. Protect your dreams and work hard for them!

So please if you are interested in my work visit my customs site or follow me on my Instagram @dollmoons!

Now available on IG is my new account @doll_moon_design. Which is focusing on my customs, WIP and sales posts.

Dollfie Dream Sakuno Uryu Mashiroiro

Let’s have a little story time:

I don’t remember when this happened exactly but it was years ago, somewhere at the start.

I remember one time when a friend sends me an information than my picture was used in a so-called “confession-site” (I really think they spread so much negativity there… however). Basically what the sites intention is that you can share your thoughts online with many people, anonymously (also commenting on other postings).

Yes, most of them were negative or really hateful things. – But let’s keep that aside. I neither know if it still exists or what happens there now, and I won’t want to find out, honestly.

It was one of my pictures of my first Dollfie Dream (it was a DDH03 with a Dynamite body). I don’t know what exactly the message behind it was. But it meant something like: “I really don’t like / hate Dollfie Dream as they look so dull / lifeless.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]So it shocked me so much. The fact that she had a self-made Face-up made by me (it was my very first!!) made it even worse. I was super sad. I’m honest It was far away from perfection or anything professional so to say.

Obviously I asked the site to take the picture down (the message there stayed however). And maybe the person of the confession just chose any picture and it happened to be mine. But I was extremely sad and in a shock, as you can imagine

Sometimes it is hard

It was an event that made me NOT do any face-ups for years in fact!! And I even sold that doll soon later. Something I really regret as I see that Face-ups are a big thing and passion for me now and so are vinyl dolls! It is super sad that I buried this passion so early on, but glad I found my way back to it.

I know I have to improve so much more and I will practise and keep on going!

I had several occasions where I got sad or even angry when getting mean comments like “boring picture”, “always the same” etc. Or when posting a picture which I totally loved but no one even cared that much. Maybe even comparing to others and how talented they are.

Depending on which color palette you use – give your picture the right look and feel.

What I want to say to you with this:

Always remember to do the things you love. To enjoy them and the hobby! Aside any pressure, likes or haters. Don’t let anyone get you down. YOU have to like your dolls & pictures and not anyone else in the world.

Take a break

Sometimes it is best to take a break too. Especially when you feel pressured or feel like getting lost in all the social media data flood. Remember what makes you happy and WHY do you the things you love. Take care of you and never let anyone get in the way of your passion.

Thank you

Thanks for all of your support and time during the past years! Please look forward to see more from me in the future. Let’s spread positivity and love!

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