Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Character Doll Release of Aqua

Megumin will je joined by Dollfie Dream Aqua a fellow friend from the Konosuba series. Volks just announced her.

Die neue Miku Hatsune NT wird auch als Dollfie Dream released – Copyright Bilder VOLKS INC.

There is also news in the popular Vocaloid series. Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune NT will be released as Dollfie Dream.

Aus der bekannten Serie Frieren: Nach dem Ende der Reise nun auch als Puppe. – Copyright Bilder VOLKS INC.

Known from the popular series Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: After the End of the Journey), there’s great news from Volks: the elven mage Frieren will be released this year as Dollfie Dream Sister!

The cute Anya Forger will be available as a pre-order in Volks Shop. – Copyright pictures VOLKS INC.

Little Anya is really taking off! Big eyes and a cute new body! With the new doll of Anya Volks has also announced another greatness: Chimikko Dollfie Dream Anya Forger is the next character from the Spy X Family series that will be released by Volks as a doll.

Picture Copyright by VOLKS INC.

Another character from “Tsukihime” will be released as a doll! Dollfie Dream Ciel was recently announced and will soon be available for purchase.

Dollfie Dream Shin Sato from Idolmaster Picture Copyright by VOLKS INC.

From the popular Series: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls! Dollfie Dream Shin Sato was announced as a new release in 2023!

The Vocaloid Twins are being re-released – Picture Copyright by VOLKS INC.

The two cute and copular twins are getting a re-release in 2023! Make sure to grab them, if you missed out their last sale!

Yor Forger Doll release – Picture Copyrigth by VOLKS INC.

This new release will make many fans of the anime series SpyXFamily happy. Dollfie Dream Yor Forger will be available!

Arcueid Brunestud is being released as a Dollfie Dream – Picture Copyrigth by VOLKS INC.

The precious Character from Tsukihime will be released: Dollfie Dream Arcueid Brunestud was announced as a doll from Volks!

Picture Copyrigth by VOLKS INC.

Volks surprised all Utena fans and lovers with their new Utena Doll releases! The popular main characters from the series “Utena: Revolutionary Girl” will be available for purchase as dolls.