How to buy Dollfie Dream?

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I thought guide on how to buy dollfie dream wouldn’t be bad at all. Especially for beginners in the Dollfie Dream hobby it can be a bit unclear at the beginning.

Here is an overview for you with information and links where & how to buy standard dolls, but also the coveted limited Dollfie Dream.

This guide does not necessarily apply to the Volks USA website store. Since this store, as the name suggests, only applies to the USA, I don’t have any precise information here. – Volks USA Website Store

Volks Website Store

Buying directly at Volks

Whether it’s a limited edition or a standard Dollfie Dream – first you need an account with Volks and a credit card or Paypal.

Limited Dollfie Dream


Volks regularly releases limited Dollfie Dream for pre-order. These can be pre-ordered within a certain period of time, you don’t have to win a lottery to get a doll. Volks usually gives a schedule for these releases. There you can see when you can expect to receive your doll.


It is not uncommon for Volks to release limited edition dolls. This means: first come, first served. This often degenerates into a “click war”. The Volks website is usually very busy and overloaded.

Normally Volks announces in advance when the doll will be available in the store (including the time). So if you would like to have a particular doll, you should consider whether it makes sense to place a wekcer.

The dolls are often sold out after a few hours.

Beispiel eines Plans für eine Vorbestellung bei Volks

Example of a schedule from Volks – This is how the schedules for pre-orders or the lottery can look like


Getting your Dream Doll

A lottery for Dollfie Dream?

In contrast to the Dollfie Dream pre-orders, there is a limited edition of the dolls here. Exactly, to get one of the coveted and limited Dollfie Dream from Volks, you first have to take part in the lottery.

This gives everyone an equal chance of getting one of the coveted dolls.

Please note: Even if the term “lottery” suggests otherwise, you do not win the Dollfie Dream completely, but that you will “just get a doll”. You still have to pay for the price of the Dollfie Dream!

And not only Dollfie Dream but also Volks Dollfie Ball-jointed-dolls. There are also great outfits that are available for a limited time.

However, you don’t have to win a lottery to get these and you can order them during the lottery period.

When do these lotteries take place?

This varies greatly. Volks announces these events well in advance. So you can’t really miss them. Which dolls or characters will be released and “up for grabs” will be announced at the same time.

These events are usually held over a period of several days and parallel to a doll event in Japan. You can also take part in the lottery directly there.

How do I take part?

As it is unfortunately not possible to take part in “every Doll Event in Japan directly”, there is another option from Volks. This makes it possible to include participants from “overseas”. Taking part is super easy.

First of all, you need an account at Volks Website Store and a credit card or Paypal (sometimes only credit card is available. But Volks announces this in the product description beforehand) – as described above, right? Once the event is up and running, log in with your Volks account.

The rest of the process is actually like a “normal purchase”. You can now add the doll to your shopping cart. Please note that the limited edition dolls can only be “bought” individually and without other items. If you would like to have other items or limited edition dolls from Volks, you must place a new order.

Volks will send you an information e-mail to participate in the lottery. Now you can take part in the event for your coveted Dollfie Dream. Once the event is over, the winners will be announced. Volks will now send you the result again by e-mail. It will then say whether you have won or lost. If you win, Volks will now collect the money.

Prizes and information about the dates will be announced before the lottery. Please remember to factor in any customs costs for your Dollfie Dream.


Did not get your doll?

Unfortunately, you can’t always win or sometimes you just want an older limited release that is no longer in production. But not all is lost, because with a bit of luck you can still get the doll. How to buy Dollfie Dream afterwards:

Usually with a little more effort and often a higher price – but not impossible. “You are probably familiar with second-hand platforms such as Ebay. These would be a good place to start. To get broader results, it’s best to search for “worldwide” offers.

In most cases, you will find older releases by Dollfie Dream from other countries. In general, you should use English search terms (if available) to expand your search range.

Private sales in particular are titled “WTS” (want to sell). Without saying anything bad about anyone, I would like to ask you to be careful with private purchases. It never hurts to do some research. However, you are always “a little more protected” if you make the purchase through a known platform.

Be sure to check the scope of delivery and the condition of the doll. You should also pay attention to any customs costs that may be incurred!

Japanese releases

Dolls are often released in Japan first. After the Dollpa events / live sales in Japan, it is not uncommon for many new limited edition dolls to appear in second hand labels.


Only in rare cases does Volks re-produce dolls that have already been released. But not impossible! So it’s best to keep your eyes open.

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