Dollfie Dream 2B & 9S from NieR: Automata

New Dollfie Dream release

One of the new dolls is a Dollfie Dream 2B which will be released as a Dollfie Dream Dynamite. A bit late to the party, but here are some News for Volks great releases in October. Lately Volks did a collaboration with Square Enix and their popular videogame NieR:Automata.

Another Dollfie Dream will be available too: a 9S doll. According to Volks information they will accpet pre-orders on the 20th October. More information about the NieR:Automata Dollfie Dreams on Volks official Site.

So far there aren’t many pictures around from the two new releases. I am especially excited to see the Faces of them – until now they have not been shown.

More Information about Dollfie Dream 2 B can be found here.

More Information about Dollfie Dream 9S can be found here.

All pictures of her (c) copyright and Volks & Square Enix.

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