Dollfie Dream Sister Sailor Mars & Sailor Mercury

New Dollfie Dream release

One year after the Dollfie Dream Sister Sailor Moon release the Official Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary website and Volks announced another collaboration. This time two additional fighter will joint the Team. Dollfie Dream Sister Mars & Mercury are going to be available in 2019.

Smart Sailor Mercury aka Ami Mizuno and Sailor Mars aka Rei Hino are joining the fight! We can look forward to these two very adorable ladies in 2019! It is estimated that they will be available on the 19th Januar 2019.

After the Dolls Party 40 on Sunday the 16th December there might be some more information. They will be announced on Volks Sailor Moon website. The prices are at the moment at 63.000 Yen for each of the release. Also as a bonus: Their school uniforms will be also available fo customers to get. They will be sold seperately: Junior High School (9.800 Yen) and Privat T (8.800 Yen).

Even though the Dollfie Dream Sister Sailor Mars is tempting for me I will neither get one of them. Sailor Pluto would be “dangerous” for me – she is my favorite :). I think they did an especially good job with Ami although. I think her kind and gentle site is well shown through the doll.

What do you think about them? Is one of these interesting of you?

Now please enjoy some more pictures.

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