Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse

New Dollfie Dream Release

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Slayers. Volks did a special collaboration with Misaka one and Izumi Rui / KADOKAWA. And so we will get a Dollfie Dream Sister Lina Inverse doll!

Available via

According to the Volks special Website for Lina they state two dates where people will be able to get the Lina Inverse Dollfie Dream.

First: Via Lottery on the 22th November 2020 at the hobby round 23 in quantity limitation! This takes place in the TRC Tokyo circulation center. The Dollfie Dream Sister Lina Inverse dolls will be shipped out on the 12th december after the event is held.

Second: They also want to sell a limited quantiy at the Dolls Party 44. How and when, also if they will sold it also online it not set yet. I will update this site when I get further informations.

How much

The price will be 85,000 Yen (without tax). So she will be a bit more pricier than other collaboration dolls.

The doll itself

As far as we can see, I think she is incredibly well and cute made. The features like her big eyes and cute mouth are on point. Also as the clothing and details. Their work is very lovely and I think all that is explanaition (and the license aswell) for the more expensive price!

This Dollfie Dream Sister Lina Inverse release surely makes many fans happy and we can look forward to many lovely user pictueres then.

I am not sure If I will get her. I am very smitten by her however and will think about it!

Will you get this doll?