How to get a limited sold out Dollfie Dream?

Get your dream doll

It can happen that we sometimes want some dolls who are already sold out! Not unusual for beginners and new people into this hobby or those who just stumbled across a limited release.

It can be super hard to actually get a specific doll after wards, especially for a good price. I want to give you some ideas and tipps what you can do.

What you should know beforehand

Keep in mind that there might be also some additional cost coming at you. Like for example shipping and customs.

If you are looking for a limited Dollfie Dream you should keep in mind that you, in most of all cases, have to pay a higher price than the original one. How much you are willing to pay is up to you.

Of course as the dolls are limited makes them rare – But there are some very unbelievable (!) expensive offers out there. Maybe there are even people getting these dolls just to sell them for a much higher price later on.

Search in different places like second hand shops.

1. Check Volks & friend shop websites

This one might be a bit obvious. But there are indeed some rare cases where Volks or their official retailers got some limited dolls in stock. It be definitely worth a try.

The chance that they do get a sold out doll is low, but maybe they can give you an information or help you with a question. – More likely for recent dolls.

2. Looking for in social media

You can also make a post describing what you are looking for in social media. So many people are connected there. The chance is not that own of your followers and friend might know someone who want to sell their limited Dollfie Dream. Make sure you don’t spam however.

3. Second hand stores & places

Well, of course there is a very high chance of finding your desired doll on second hand marketplaces. Such as ebay, in doll forums, social media groups and more.

Changes are higher to get a better price if the doll has some little imperfections like stains, damages on the box etc. Don’t be afraid to ask a seller about the exact condition. Or maybe they are even wiling to lower the price a bit.

Don’t step into the bootleg trap

There are sadly some bootleg / counterfeit of some limited dolls out there. They are usually offered for a very fishy price. And this should already make you suspicious about them. These are illegal items and poor of quality. Not only ruining your experience but also the companies who original created these dolls.

Be always safe! Do not use untrustworthy shops or places. Be aware of scammer.

4. Asking owners

This is something which might help in very rare instances. As many of the owners did most likely get the limited doll through the event and not always through second hand. But If you know that someone got if second-hand – You can try to ask them were they got it. Make sure you ask politely, however.

Never ask an owner: “How much for your doll XY?” or anything like this. If someone wants to sell their doll, they will state it like this.

5. Create your own

There is still hope if you just cannot afford or get the Dollfie Dream you are looking for. You can always create your own doll. It might not be a 100 % identical (as for the items and the moulds), but it is not unusual that people re-created popular characters out of Dollfie Dreams.

So for example create your own Fan Sailor Moon Usagi doll. There are many shops and artist out there which can help you with the Face-up, clothes and wig.

But please don’t steal OCs from other people and make sure to get the permission first if you want to use something.

Definitely take your time to consider if you want to get a doll in the first place with the next releases. (Well, sometimes you just cannot afford a doll when it releases.)

Getting them later on can be sometimes very troubling.

Hope these advices on how to get a limited sold out Dollfie Dream will help you! Which Dollfie Dream are you currently looking for?

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