Aus der bekannten Serie Frieren: Nach dem Ende der Reise nun auch als Puppe. – Copyright Bilder VOLKS INC.

Known from the popular series Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: After the End of the Journey), there’s great news from Volks: the elven mage Frieren will be released this year as Dollfie Dream Sister!

Unboxing and preview of the Lina Inverse Dollfie Dream.

I would never have expected it, but she moved in with me! Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse. As a small Christmas gift to myself, I got the cute magician “second-hand” – a small dream comes true! I was relatively disappointed at release; the communication was rather meager. I myself did not …

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Picture Copyrigth by VOLKS INC.

Volks announced their new (and probably one of the last releases in this year) – Dollfie Dream Fumika Sagisawa. The popular character from the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls series will join the collaboration dolls from Volks. Read until the end to see who make an appearance as a re-release aswell!

Lina Inverse Doll

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Slayers. Volks did a special collaboration with Misaka one and Izumi Rui / KADOKAWA. And so we will get a Dollfie Dream Sister Lina Inverse doll!

Kizuna Ai and Sailor Venus will be released as some Dollfie Dream dolls.© Picture copyright by – VOLKS INC.

Volks recently announced the Dollfie Dream Sailor Venus doll release. She will be, like her team mates, a Dollfie Dream Sister. My assumption is that the doll itself will come with her Sailor outfit and Venus Stick. Her Minako Aino outfit will be available aswell. As far as the other …

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