Beginner guide for Vinyl Dolls

Get to know your doll better

New to the hobby?

Christmas is just around the corner. So here and there could be a Smart Doll or Dollfie Dream under the Christmas tree. – Whether given as a gift or given by yourself, especially at the beginning and with the first doll, some questions can arise.

Therefore I would like to go into the most important points and create a small link collection for all newcomers in the vinyl doll hobby.

First of all, welcome to the colorful and creative hobby of anime dolls.

What to watch out for

While the material of vinyl dolls is not as fragile as resin BJDs can be, you should still handle your doll with care.

Especially in the beginning you have to get to know the joints a bit. With time, posing your doll will become quite easy.
Always look carefully first to see if a hand, arm, etc. can move in the direction you want.

Please do not move with force – your doll could well break!

Is something broken? Just contact the store where you got your doll. Maybe they have a suitable tip. Often they also offer suitable spare parts.


The vinyl of your doll can be discolored by strongly colored or dark fabrics. This can result in stains.

Many of these stains can not always be removed completely or at all!

It is best to be careful what you put on your doll from the beginning. – Wigs can also stain the head of your doll. Especially dark or black fabrics on the inside of the wig (or clothes) can lead to stains.

So-called “body suits” can reduce the chance of discoloration. These are like a 2nd skin and are put on under clothing and wig.

More information about stains and how to get rid of them with a little luck can be found here.


Place a chrysalis in a normal temperature place without too much humidity. Keep constant heat and cold away from your doll. This can damage the material or the painting of your doll.

Acetone, oil and products like hand cream should also be kept away from your doll. In the short or long term, these materials can react with your doll and damage the vinyl.

Further details are written down here.

Your doll – your style

Most dolls come in an already finished look – your so-called default look.

Eyes, hair and the like are already “fixed”. However, you have the possibility to personalize your doll further.

You can put other wigs (colors and styles) on her and change her eyes. In no time, your doll will have a whole different look!

So you can be totally creative.

Here you can learn more about

Wigs -size and styles
Eyes -size + video to exchange

Busts and hands can be exchanged to individualize your doll even further. Here you can order many parts directly from Smart Doll or Volks.

Create your Story

It can be also fun to create the story and characteristics of your doll. How or who is she? This can create a stronger bond to your doll and keeps things interesting.

Discover new ideas.


There are many great stores where you can buy different styles and clothing.

Dollfie Dream and Smart Doll fall under the 1/3 SD size. If you want to get your doll new clothes always pay attention to the measurements of your doll.

I have linked a list of my favorite stores here.

No go’s?

This applies to many other hobbys and parts of life. – Be polite and nice to others. Also hate and other difficult topics are not welcome.

Of course, no one forbids you anything and in the end it is up to you what you do with your dolls or post.

Also, I would advise you to copy or “steal” doll or pictures from others 100%. Inspiration can be fetched with pleasure always – you link then still with pictures your sources of inspiration are pleased these persons surely very much.

Enjoy this hobby!

Most important is to have fun with your doll and enjoy their style and character.

Remember if you have any question there is a big and helpful comunity out there!
Or you can also write me a message – trying to help where I can.

Thank you so much for reading.
Greetings Rina

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