Primera – from another star

Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka V2

My Dollfie Dream Rin V2 or “Primera Celsia” (Prim for short) will be a little Alien girl. Which needs to prove herself in the human daily life to become a member of the “Space-Marine”, as a part of an exam. Where else could you proof yourself as an undercover agens, as on another planet, right? :)

So she has to slap though as a 17-year old Student. She would have never guessed that there would be many unusual and situations next to a stressful school-life.

Crazy and lovable – Dollfie Dream Rin V2

She will be a positive and optimistic Character. Who (like how can it be otherwise) sometimes attract too much attention and causing chaos. I had a lot of fun creating her character, and had a lot of ideas too. Maybe because I usually go with more fantasy based characters. Anyways I had a fun time and I’m very excited to show you more details and pictures of her!

I hope you enjoyed this post and my “new Dollfie Dream Rin V2”. Thanks for coming by!

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