Stain removal

with Dollfie Dream Rescue

You have to be on guard as a Dollfie Dream owner, so that your doll won’t get any nasty stains. There are some things you can do to protect your DD from stains & more solutions. But what If it happened even though? Volks has a special Cream called “Dream Rescue”.

This time I show you what you need to know about it and how to use the cream.

Before we start

One advice on the go – before using the Dollfie Dream Rescue you should try to remove the stain with a magic sponge. Sometimes it is just some dirt and not a deep stain.

  • Don’t use the cream on painted Areas, these might get damaged badly!
  • Even serious stains should always be treated with a thin layer of the cream! Don’t use too much. It is more effective to repeat the treatment of your doll, rather than using much Dream Rescue at once.
  • Always follow the security advice of this product carefully!

What you need

  • Gloves
  • Cotton buds
  • Wrapping film
  • Towel or something similar
  • Tissues / paper towel

Test the cream

It is recommended to use the cream on a hidden area on your Dollfie Dream first. So you can get sure that there won’t be any unnecessary negative Effects on your doll.


Step 1 – Apply

If you can, you should remove the stained piece from the rest. This will make things a lot easier later on. Stir the Dream rescue well before you use it. Apply a thin layer on the stain of your Dollfie Dream. After that you can wrap the piece and stain with the wrapping film. This will prevent the cream from drying out and making it more effective.

Step 2 – Leave on

Let the cream sink in and do its magic for 1-2 days. Do not leave it on your doll any longer!

Step 3 – Remove

After removing the wrapping foil you can clean the piece with some tube warm water. Then you can dry it with a tissue.

  • Don’t rub the cream off. It is coarse and it might damage your Dollfie Dream!
  • Make sure you wash off the whole cream
  • Remember to keep the Dream Rescue away from you.

My experiences

I think this Dream Rescue is a neat little helper. Especially with some minor stains it can be a real “life saver”! However this depends on the stain itself and how deep it is soaked into the material. Even though some stains may not be completely removed, they can at least be reduced.

I tried to create some before and after comparison (not that easy on pictures to show the exact results). You can see that the stain on the shoulder is still there but much lighter than before – the result is after 3 “rounds” of applying the cream! And it might even disappear more with more appliances.

Due to the good results for a cheap price makes it a real keeper! With some patience you can remove some nasty stains or at least lighten them up. I always have some at home! :)

You can buy the Dream Rescue Creme here.

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